very loud (day vii)



angry voices saying things they don’t mean

breaking hearts

crying toddlers in the bus



inner conflict


missing someone who doesn’t miss you

New Years’s Eve

planes before takeoff

the music I listen to after a fight

the silence of solitude

the voice of self-doubt


feel free to share other loud things that come into your mind x

    1. Great work, and thanks for the like yesterday! I’ve spend some time reading your posts – very interesting, and well written. It partly goes into the themes that we’re trying to explore with the new podcasts, people with partly mixed backgrounds searching and traveling for the sense of home. And all the learning and fantastic experiences that comes with it :)
      Btw. also very inspiring visually, made us set up a new test-design for our “next step” with the podcasts!
      Have a great day, take care!

      1. Thank you very much for your kind comment! I’m also glad I could inspire you a bit. I hope your podcasts are going well, you too take care & have a lovely day <3

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