Being disconnected for a couple of days, soaking up the winter sun, the ocean breeze and a great read was the best gift I could make myself. When it was quiet at night I didn’t take out my iPod to listen to my favourite songs; I focused on the sound of the ocean instead. The steady swoosh of the waves when everything else fell silent reminded me of cars on a highway. It was soothing to know that there was a different force behind it, natural and bigger than we’ll ever be.

We’ve found a friend on the first day– a golden dog with short legs and big tummy (I guess I’d look like that I were a dog). He bumped into us on our way to the ranch and we assumed he belonged to the owner of the place but he stayed with us when she left. Thrilled about the unexpected company, I called him Pedrito (best regards to my dear friend Milli 💕) and talked to him in a mixture of Spanish, English and German. I assumed he’d understand the affection in my voice better than any words.

He stuck with us, following us to the beach as if he was our dog. At some point he rubbed himself against a dead penguin and I jokingly told him to get a bath. He actually entered the cold stream then, and continued further and further. The current was strong. We realised too late that he was too far gone and watched helplessly while he drifted dangerously close to the ocean. He swam, approaching the other side only inch by inch. Luckily, there was an attentive guy who followed him on the shore and eventually helped him out of the stream. I was ashamed. The dog almost died and I didn’t do anything but watch stupidly – not that I could actually have done something in the first place.

We left when we saw that he was safe and sound, avoiding his rescuers even when they came back by a rowboat, afraid of their judgement. I was sad about the quick loss of our new friend, but mostly I was horrified about myself and glad he survived his swim. My love wrote “PEDRITO COME BACK HOME” in the sand– of course it was a joke, yet I hoped against reason he’d appear again. It’s only been a couple of hours, but it was nice having him around. I’ve never had a dog but I started to understand how it must feel like to have one.

The first night, I was scared to hell. I’m afraid of the dark. Here we were in this isolated little house, surrounded by nothing but nature, darkness and silence. It was cold, too, and I didn’t dare to leave my love out of sight, feeling horribly exposed and vulnerable. This remote place made me believe in monsters again. My imagination ran wild and I firmly pressed my eyes together when we went to sleep, trying to stop thinking of all the things that could happen while we were asleep and defenceless.

But the next morning came without incidents, bringing back life – sunshine, warmth, the chirping of birds and the occasional faraway barking of a dog. I opened the door to let the sunshine and fresh air into the dark house and here he stood, alive and well, stretching and yawning, looking at me as if I hadn’t kinda sent him into his almost-death the evening before. Pedrito. I squealed with joy, he came back and I was forgiven.

The next few days, he’d follow us wherever we’d go.

// Photos of days 3 & 4 coming soon. 🌟 I hope you’re having a lovely weekend ❤️

Day 1

garden & the neighbouring house
in the almost deadly stream
my love
i’m forever in love with these colours
the dunes on the other side

Day 2
my love & our new friend

Valizas in winter
i love love love how horses randomly chill in the middle of the street
horses, ii
horses, iii

me, by my love
my love in front of the fire
a warm second night
stars over Aguas Dulces, a neighbouring village
a storm coming up

      1. Thank you! <3

        btw every single comment of yours goes straight to the bin for some reason– does this happen to you on other blogs as well? it's super weird :|

    1. Aww that dog is so pretty, I don’t know how you stopped yourself from bringing him home with you after he followed you for 3 days!! I would have gotten so attached, lol.

      It looks like you had an amazing time and your pictures are so beautiful, can’t wait for the next post. 😊

      1. haha believe me, I’m still trying to convince my boyfriend to adopt him (I’d do it myself if I lived here) but yeah it’s impossible 😭 thank you for your kind words! <3

    1. Oh my, that poor dog; I’m glad he’s alright. Also, we seem to have different opinions of being remote and isolated! I cherish those moments.

      And good job on disconnecting; it can be wonderfully refreshing :)

      1. Yeah, aside from that little episode he was super smart– I’m really sad about leaving him behind but I’m sure he’ll find a way to survive.

        Oh no, you misunderstood me :D I love being in a remote and isolated place. Just not at night haha

        I hope you’re doing well! :)

        1. Dogs are wonderful creatures :) They can be a lot of work, but they make excellent pets if you train them well and have enough time for them.

          Night time is the most beautiful time to be in a remote place! Although I do admit that there are risks involved.

          I hope you’re doing well too!

          1. You sound as if you’ve had experience with them – do/did you have a dog?

            oh well, then we’re really different in that aspect! I’m such a scaredy-cat haha

            Yes, thank you! :)

            1. Yes, I had a cocker spaniel when I was growing up. She lived to be 17, which means I had a dog for most of my life! They’re wonderful when properly trained, and can make life a much more joyous occasion. But it takes work to train and care for a dog, so I only recommend people to get one if they’re sure they can make the commitment. Dogs are intelligent animals, and require lots of love and attention.

    1. I had thought the dog had died! I never had any dog either but I made friends with some during trekking in Nepal and I can totally feel what you felt for them! I do not know what we did to deserve such faithful animal like dog!

      1. No, I’m so glad he didn’t, he really seemed like a special dog to me. I agree, I’ve never had a pet before but it was a totally amazing feeling to have someone around who didn’t seem to expect anything and was yet so loyal.

    1. Wow, even in the middle of nowhere Uruguay, they have Czech beer! Hahhaha.
      The pictures and landscape are lovely <3 I'd love to visit Uruguay someday!

      1. haha it’s everywhere :P I’ve been told that the place brims with people and life in summer but I really loved it in that desolate forlorn state. Hope you can make it here someday <3

    1. Stunning pictures! What a beautiful place to be! Thank you for allowing God to use you to show some of His beauty that I otherwise would not see. Loved your story about Pedrito. God loves you!

    1. Such peace is reflected throughout the images and your living words! Thanks for sharing its spirit of serenity…God bless!

      1. Yes, he was such a remarkable and free soul, I miss him 🙈 thanks for your comment!

    1. jesus … you have a beautiful face … I’m … taken aback …

      your face and your ‘like’ are beautiful gifts that you have given me … and I thank you for them … ks

      1. sorry for my late reply! haha I’m a bit confused since my face doesn’t appear in this post, only my boyfriend’s 😅 but thank you! 😊

    1. I love your pictures of sunrises and sunsets because you have managed to do something I, and many other amateur photographers battle with, which is capture and frame the sky so that even though it is framed by a border, it looks infinite.

      1. oh, I’ve never heard this compliment before– thank you very much! :) have a lovely week x

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