2017: Dreams & Goals



Happy New Year, my loves! I hope you’ve had a great start.

I believe in the power of new beginnings. New Year and birthdays are good opportunities to both reflect on past achievements (and failures) and look ahead. An opportunity to focus on what you want to achieve and who you want to become.

2016 has set a new direction in my life. I got accepted to the visual communication studies, bringing the odyssey of finding the ‘right’ path for my professional future to an end. In 2017, I want to focus on living an adventurous, balanced and fulfilling life. Here’s a list based on my dreams, maybe you’ll feel inspired by some points :)



🌲 explore my beloved forest at least once a week till I know it by heart

🏔 go hiking with friends

🌌 marvel at the night sky

✨  say yes more often

🌊 stay in a little house next to the ocean for a week

🌿 take more naked self-portraits in the woods

🏞 use my train ticket and travel across Switzerland once a month



💃🏻 dance more often

🎶 discover a new band every week

📸 document my life with photos

🌟 find and fearlessly be my real self

⚖ find my inner zen

💇🏻 get the hair I want

🕯 minimalism

🔮 pay attention to the hidden magic in life

🍃 practice mindfulness

📖 read at least one book per month

📝 resume my positivity notebook. daily.

💁🏻 stop caring about expectations

🖊 write a lot

💌 write more letters



⏰ develop a healthy sleeping pattern

🚴🏻 do sports three times a week

🍌 drink more smoothies

🍎 feed my body with more fruits and veggies

🛀🏻 get enough rest



💞 strive for real connections beyond superficialities. talk about meaningful things.

❤️ always let people know how much they’re appreciated

💛 take the little extra step to make people happy

💚 more hugs and less fear of being touchy-feely

💙 be a better girlfriend and work on my short temper

💜 take good care of my relationships – both friends and family

💖 connect with fellow creatives and bloggers


Personal & Professional Goals.

🇩🇪 continue my long-term photo project in Germany

🖥 create a photography website I love

💰 get a regular income

📷 improve my photography skills

🖋 improve my writing skills

📚 invest more time in my studies

🌸 learn more about design

🌺 learn how to braid

🎞 start taking analogue photos

🗺 take a language course

💆🏻 take a massage course

📽 take up a new project outside my comfort zone – e.g. create a video

💻 work on my blog

📱 work on my social media presence


Of course it’s not possible to realise everything at once. I’ll tackle a few every month and keep track of the regular ones with lists. :)

What about you? Do you have any goals this year? If you do, how do you keep track of them? Or do you think new year goals/resolutions are overrated?

Model: beautiful Denisa during a golden summer evening, June ’16

      1. Not an easy goal. Still, I think that being hungry before you attempt it will make it somewhat easier. :)

      1. Ugh, I feel you. I hated veggies till a few years ago and still struggle with eating enough :D we can do it!!

    1. Noble goals, the forest one especially.

      I’d be careful with the smoothies if I were you. Turns out many of them are too sugary to be healthy. My blender turned like mad for a several months, but now it has retired politely behind the tea kettle.

      1. The forest is luckily not that big :D

        Thank you for your warning about the smoothies! I always drink homemade ones though and use really ripe bananas so I don’t have to add any sweetener. Why did you give up on smoothies? :o and do you have any goals you want to achieve this year? :)

        1. I still make them now and then, also with bananas. I especially like green ones, with spinach. It’s a good idea to drink them right after a meal, rather than in between meals. Yes, but to discover it you’ll have to read my latest post, when it’s up. :P

          1. Oh, I should drink more green smoothies too! You seem to be quite health-conscious, that’s admirable. I guess a smoothie can serve as a meal, mostly breakfast, as well – at least mine since I tend to make way too much :)

    1. Happy New Year Monika! A massage course? Have you always wanted to learn how to massage? Haha
      Anyway, you have a great list here…I can’t wait to see your progress! xx

      1. Hi Su, Happy New Year to you too! :) haha yeah, I think it’s a super awesome skill and hope I’ll finally learn some basics this year. I hope you’ll be able to continue blogging again soon. Thank you for your comment and have a wonderful week! x

    1. I’ve always loved this time of the year when everyone’s hopes are at a high. I, too, have a bunch of goals to pursue this 2017, will be writing about them within the week. But here’s to making 2017 the best it can be! :)

      1. Thanks for your comment, Raf! I’m looking forward to reading your post on 2017. I’m sure 2017 is going to be wonderful! :)

    1. Great list! Minimalism, reading one book a month, and writing more letters are some of the things I also have on my list of goals to achieve this year. I envy you the forest that you can explore! Have fun! And have a great 2017. :)

      1. Thank you for your comment! :) I do love my forest, but you also live in a very beautiful country with lovely people and an exciting culture – I wish I could return to Manila! :D hope you’ll have lots of fun discovering your city <3 have a great year too! :)

    1. That’s quite a list! I’m glad that you acknowledged that it will take time to realise all of those goals, so that you don’t get dissapointed. But everything you wrote down will be helpful! My personal recommendation is to pick a few items from your list that are most important to you, and give them your all. Everything else should fall into place.

      As for me, I believe you know what my only goal is for 2017. Make it to Guyana, and do a good job while I’m there!

      1. Thank you for your comment, Josh :) I’m not really planning to realise ALL the goals – some points are rather things I want to keep in my mind and do someday – maybe this year, maybe next. I’ll pick some I’ll focus on every month, it helps me to plan things on a monthly basis :)

        I really hope you’ll make it to Guyana, I’m sure you’ll do an amazing job when you’re there! :)

      1. haha well, I split the general points to more precise ones :D generally spoken I want to become a better sister/daughter/friend/girlfriend, take better care of myself, work on my creativity, go out more often and yeah, I guess that’s it :D what about you?

        1. Haha! Just live and let live? ;)
          (Now stick to your programme. Which I could summarize in one sentence – if I may – “Just be yourself”. ;)

    1. Wonderful list of goals! I make a things to I guess would be goals (and to-dos) and they change and morph as things change in life. At times, the change and morphing helps me accomplish some of them even more. Well done on your goals. I wish you well with accomplishing them. Happy New Year!!! Best to you, Koko :)

      1. I can definitely identify with what you wrote – I guess this list (that serves as an orientation) will change gradually too, depending on how my life will evolve :) Happy New Year to you too, Koko, and thank you for your comment! x take care :)

    1. I love this. This is so cute and inspirational and motivational <3

      1. Sorry for my super late reply – that’s a wonderful way to think :) I had to stop visiting the forest for now, though – got too many tick bites :|

    1. That’s a lot :o How is it going? I like your intentions though, resonates a lot with mine :3
      Your photography is stunning as well. Let me know if your project leads you to Wiesbaden :)


      1. Actually quite well in overall, got some intense uni stuff going on till next week but afterwards I’m going to chase some adventures again! :)) what about you? Has 2017 met your expectations so far?
        oh wow, actually one of my main locations is Wiesbaden! :D what an awesome coincidence :))
        have a lovely week xx

        1. Yes my main expectation was, that it will be easier than 2016 and it happens to be quite healing and self developing for me too :) I’m grateful.
          I don’t believe in coincidences ^^ I asked the universe for other artists I could create with and learn from, so if you like, any time 🤗😇

          Have a wonderful week too 🌞xx

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