Give Me Water for My 21st Birthday


Dear friends and supporters,

Today is my 21st birthday. Last year was amazing – I discovered my love for portrait photography and my creativity, got to know many lovely people in Switzerland and Uruguay, was accepted to study visual communication in Lucerne and spent almost three months with my love in Uruguay.

I know I live a very privileged and safe life. Unfortunately, many can’t claim the same. Every day, about 1,400 children die from diseases caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation. Can you imagine that?! Here in Switzerland, we can even drink the water that comes out of the bathroom faucets!

I want to change that and decided that I don’t want to receive any physical birthday gifts this year. Instead, I set up a campaign at charity: water to help people who have no access to clean water. It’s a great organization. 100% (yes, really a HUNDRED percent!!) of our donations will be used to build clean water projects and when the money is used in the field, we get to see where it went. I think that’s awesome!

So what I’m asking from you is to donate 21$ (because it’s my 21st birthday). If you can’t afford that much, it’s fine, 5$ (or whatever it should be) is great as well! Every amount makes a difference. Please help me help others! My goal is to raise at least 777$. That would help 25 people getting clean water. That’s a great start, don’t you think? There are just 28% missing to reach my goal, so it would be amazing if you helped me out! And really, every amount is perfect <3

Click here to get to my campaign!!

Thank you so much for considering donating! I’m really grateful for that. We can change the world we live in. <3

This campaign was inspired by this post by The Minimalist. Check them out, they are amazing.

    1. I turned 21 while in college and it was a good time for me. It seems very long ago though. Here’s to many more.

    1. Is there a deadline for this campaign? I’m currently setting up my debit card, I’ll donate when I get it :)

      1. I think it’ll be running till the end of the year – thank you so much in advance, I really appreciate it a lot!! :) hugs from Switzerland!

      1. Thank you SO MUCH for donating, Arielle!! <3 I hope I get to give you a big thank-you hug soon :)) Have a wonderful week and enjoy your travels! :)

    1. Monika,

      Wish you a very happy and blessed Birthday!

      21st Birthday is a very special one… You are kind of an adult now though your thought processes were already of a very matured person. Your write ups and the photography testify that.

      Creating this campaign is another example of your compassionate heart. I didn’t donate much but I did as a small token of that compassion on your birthday to the people who are struggling. And I did create another campaign of my own as well. 😂

      May God bless you abundantly and keep impacting!!!

      Regards, Chiradeep

      1. Hey Chiradeep, thank you for your lovely wishes! It’s great to have people like you around :)) and thank you very much for donating!! That’s very kind of you. I appreciate it a lot! I hope you’re doing well, take care :)

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