this road (day v)


this road

started on a Sunday evening

in Singapore

almost 22 years ago


yesterday it led me

to this bleak playground

somewhere in Uruguay


this road

has been bumpy at times

not always paved

leading me through beautiful places

as well as pitch-black tunnels


but maybe it’s wrong to think

that i’m merely following

an already existent road

to an unknown destination


maybe i’m the builder

constructing it

on the go


directing its course

on my quest

for something they call


Oh dear, how I struggled with this prompt. I don’t like the word road; for some reason, it leaves me uninspired. But the lack of inspiration made me leave my comfort zone and try something new. I’m not totally happy with with the result but I guess the point of this challenge is to overthink less and experiment more, so yeah. I hope it wasn’t too bad.

Model: Carolina

      1. Hey Tom, I wanted to comment on that post but it’s not possible. Wise words from Thoreau and lovely photo you shared! Looking at it makes me miss the forests :) thanks for your comment!

        1. You’re welcome. Your posts are so introspective and perceptive. And the writing is pretty damn good, too.

    1. I like the results and the part about creating our own paths in life. Your comments remind me of how hard I can be on myself too. May you be gentle on your mysterious path.

      1. Thank you! :) I realised while writing that I often think “I don’t know where this path will lead me” but actually I’m the one who chooses my path and have a more active role than I think. And I agree, we’re often very hard on ourselves but life’s hard enough the way it is, we should be more supportive and loving with ourselves instead. Take care :)

        1. Agreed Monika. And I wish I was more proactive in creating my life’s path. And yes, I realize that I am being hard on myself again. :)

    1. I think uninspired is a word that would define me at this point. I hate to refer to it as writer’s block, but I am unable to come up with the words that are necessary to convey the proper message needing to be written for my story. I like the poetry, by the way. I think the road, in this sense, is a very appropriate word.

      1. Hey Eric, thank you for your comment! I’m not sure if it helps but my creative writing teacher showed us an exercise with which we can combat the writer’s block. We had like 3mins to write a story that included five random words she gave us. Helps not to overthink and write something, anything. I hope you’ll find the words you’re looking for soon :)

        1. words choosen relevent for influening core ideas and randomness generates.

    1. I like the idea we are the builders of our own roads, that they go where we go, with paths crossing from time to time. Thank you for allowing us to see where your travels are taking you. Perhaps, as time goes on, you’ll find paths crossing with your readers. :-)

      1. Thank you for your comment & following me on my journey, Darin! :) I’ve actually already visited two fellow bloggers I know through this blog, in Italy and in the Philippines, and one blogger visited me in Switzerland. It’s a pretty amazing thing and I’m so happy for this community :))

      1. hahah oh no, I hope it doesn’t appear as if I wanted to give poetry a try – I just felt like chopping up sentences and not a write a paragraph for once 😅 I totally agree, poetry is hard, that’s why I’m intending to leave it for those who can deal with it :D

        1. Jaja, the way you broke up the sentences makes it seem like poetry! I took a class on poetry once, and it requires a very different style of thinking than prose. I definitely admire those who are good at it!

          1. I wish I could take a class on poetry, too! Interesting to know that it requires a different style of thinking than prose :)

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