things we carry (day i)



I found this writing challenge at Lu’s blog and decided to give it a shot. I want to get into the habit of writing more often and overthink it less. Maybe I’ll find my voice again this way.


Day 1, things we carry

We carry our past like a weight. Scars on our skin, scars on our soul. Sometimes also wounds that have yet to heal. Memories weigh on our hearts, sometimes  leading to us walking around withdrawn from the world, incessantly anxious to avoid further injuries.

Luckily that’s not everything we carry. Love fills our heart, dreams our spirit. However, to some of us, the weight of all that grows too heavy. Wearied by the burden of their past they lay down their dreams in order to keep going. But dreams are like the bottle of water we carry in our backpack during a long trip. Heavy, but essential.

original version

Wie eine Last tragen wir mit uns unsere Vergangenheit. Narben auf der Haut, Narben auf der Seele. Manchmal aber auch Wunden, die erst noch verheilen müssen. Erinnerungen, die auf unserem Herzen lasten, vielleicht dazu führen, dass wir verschlossen durch die Welt gehen, immerzu darauf bedacht weitere Verletzungen zu vermeiden.

Doch glücklicherweise ist das nicht alles. Liebe füllt unsere Herzen, Träume unseren Geist. Manchen wird das Gewicht von allem zusammen jedoch zu schwer. Erschöpft von der Last ihrer Vergangenheit legen sie ihre Träume nieder um weiter voranschreiten zu können. Dabei sind Träume wie das Wasser, das wir während einer langen Reise im Rucksack tragen. Schwer, aber unverzichtbar.

    1. Lovely and well-written, Monika <3 I'm happy you're doing the 30 Day Challenge, good luck!

      1. Thank you, Lu! <3 I'm so glad I found this on your blog. It might be exactly what I need :) take care x

    1. Nicely put. But I’m not sure Past is a weight. Depends how you “carry” it. :)
      Another way to look at it is that our Past is what amkes (made) us who we are.
      As in many things I think it is a matter of balance. You cannot live in the past.
      The future has yet to happen.
      What will you do today?

      1. You’re right, past is not always a weight – but in this context, I had to think of how so many of us have our baggage to carry (who doesn’t have any ghosts from their past?). But I’m sure many learn to deal with it eventually, so it becomes easier to carry and doesn’t influence the present too much. I hope you get what I mean?
        Thank you for your input and have a lovely weekend! :)

        1. Thank you. And yes, i get what you mean. Like I said it is a matter of balance. Probably keep the good, and throw away the past. Cheers.

    1. Reads nice. One of my favorite novels is; The Things They Carried, about a veteran’s life after returning home from combat. I find the premise quite apt to the struggles. Just a thought….cheers

      1. Thank you for the recommendation! I’ve put it on my reading list, it seems to be a very interesting read. Have a lovely weekend :)

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