My long-distance relationship

I didn’t think of writing about my long-distance relationship when I started this blog three weeks ago. Then I realized that there are some blogs dedicated to this topic and it felt good knowing there were other people in the same situation as me who were being positive as well. So after asking my boyfriend if he’s okay with it I decided to write about our LDR, hoping that I can connect with my LDR-fellows. :) We got to know each other during...

little me eating durian

Countries I have called home

Since this blog is also about my experiences as a cosmopolitan (you can judge whether or not I can call myself one after reading this post) I thought a short biography would give you an overview of what my origins are and based on what experiences I’m writing. I was born in Singapore almost twenty years ago as the daughter of a Singaporean and a German. I lived there until 2003 and went to a German School, but I also spoke...