Second Thoughts

In the last few months, I’ve published a couple of personal posts, never being scared about how much I was revealing about myself. In theory, I knew I was making myself vulnerable, but I never actually felt vulnerable – till now. I’m going to start my studies next month. We’re a small class, containing just fifteen students. So far, my fellow students were anonymous, so I wasn’t too worried about them. But last week I received some emails from my university and...

girl in front of cave

Decisive Days

Alone. Radio on to chase away the silence that echoes in the empty house. Anxiety runs through my veins, I’m restless and want to do unhealthy things to calm myself down. Don’t. Tomorrow is the decisive day. I’ve been brushing it off, thought that portrait and fashion photography is what I want to focus on, but only now I realise how much I want to continue with my documentary photography and thus get into the course. Of course, in the worst case, there...

signpost Roes Germany

Taking the path less traveled

After realization hit me while writing this post I stayed awake until 3am in the morning because my thoughts felt like celebrating a crazy party in my mind. I couldn’t shake it off anymore, this uncomfortable feeling of secretly ignoring something my subconsciousness wanted to tell me because listening to it would cause uneasiness. I don’t wanna study yet. After finally acknowledging it, I had the much dreaded talk with my dad. It was tearful, dramatic – and positive, at the end. The alternative to studying this...