no sweets without calories

A part of me wants to throw herself into new adventures that promise both happiness and heartbreak while the other part, the one responsible for my heart’s wellbeing, is so damn afraid of the changes that would inevitably come with it. Everything seemed so clear one year ago; I thought I had my life figured out while everyone else freaked out about the future. Now I see what a fool I was. Certainties only exist in our mind. Nothing is clear,...

an open door (day ii)

Day 2, an open door I doubt we encounter many open doors in life. Sometimes a door we wanted to enter closes right under our nose, forcing us to look for other options. That might lead us to finding open doors at unexpected places. But normally, we have to open the doors ourselves. There’s no butler doing that for us (if we want to get somewhere worthwhile). When I think of open doors and creating opportunities, my crazy decision from last year crosses my mind. Back...