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A Bittersweet Time In Bangkok

[Click here for part 1; September 2015] The next day our heads are throbbing and my stomach is unwell. I’m sure it’s the street food. Ironically, Kevin’s friend (who threw up next to me the night before) seems to be much better than us and I curse my indisposition. We have to force ourselves to get up because time is so scarce and valuable. Less than 48h to make up for the last two years of distance and the years to...


Saving A Friendship In Bangkok

September 2015 How far would you go to save a friendship? After some back and forth that included a spontaneous trip to Manila, it finally works out: I’d meet up with my Burmese friend in Bangkok – as a compromise between Yangon and Singapore, where I’m staying for a couple of weeks. We met two years ago at a beach party in Singapore and subsequently got closer through Facebook – thanks to his insomnia and the fact that I, living in Switzerland, was the...