No matter how fond I’ve grown of Lucerne and her beautiful mountains, Rhineland-Palatinate and her soft hills, covered with vineyards as far as the eye can see, have a special place in my heart. I do feel a bit nostalgic now, gazing out of the train window while the landscape is swiftly passing by, reminding me of my solitary year in Germany. I’d never have the strength and self-confidence I have today if I hadn’t left Switzerland two years ago, isolating myself while giving...

Is Photography Superficial?

Once upon a time, two very different people met at a beach party in Singapore. There was a Burmese freelance photographer in his mid-twenties and a young multiracial girl, clueless about photography, who had to sneak into the club because she hasn’t turned 18 yet. Alcohol has loosened my tongue and mind, but it doesn’t bring me closer to the group I am with. So I’ve started a conversation with this Burmese guy from the table next to ours, who – even though I’ve...