365 Project – Week 3

Last week was very emotional. Seven days full of tears and stress, but also happiness and laughter. Saying goodbye to my love, meeting my new classmates, seeing my old friends.. I think the photos reflect the rollercoaster very well. Also, I’m heading to my room in Lucerne this evening! I haven’t met my roommates (nor have I seen my room) yet so I’m quite curious how everything will unfold. Life’s an adventure, and I love it. I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend...

The Silence You Leave

Monday evening. I’m walking through a dead village. The wind creates scary noises in the black foliage above me, the rain on the asphalt reflects the street lights. It’s cold, my hand is cold and with no distraction around me I can’t help but notice the void you’ve left. The sky above me is pitch-black, there is no moon I can look at that would soothe my heart. My hand feels cold and I suspiciously turn around because of every step that disrupts the...