No matter how fond I’ve grown of Lucerne and her beautiful mountains, Rhineland-Palatinate and her soft hills, covered with vineyards as far as the eye can see, have a special place in my heart. I do feel a bit nostalgic now, gazing out of the train window while the landscape is swiftly passing by, reminding me of my solitary year in Germany. I’d never have the strength and self-confidence I have today if I hadn’t left Switzerland two years ago, isolating myself while giving...

365 Project – Week 9

A wonderful week, and at the same time my worst week recently. I had some great heights, including an unexpected nocturnal conversation with a stranger that lasted till the morning and feeling the comfort of my flatmates (and friends and classmates) in times of crisis. I embrace these positive memories tightly and hold them close to my heart. On the other hand, there was the breakdown of my camera, accompanied by an almost-breakdown of my sanity. It’s exhausting to fluctuate...


365 Project – Week 8

This week I discovered the magical forest next to my place. I went there even though it was raining and the atmosphere was captivating, I was mesmerized. I saw some deers, got myself covered with dirt (Gollum-style) and felt gloriously alive. Also, I finally met my fellow blogger Ines in Berne – pretty much a fantastic week. Hopefully my photos show it, I’d love to hear your opinion :) Have a wonderful weekend! x I wanted to take something more daring for day...