shoes (day viii)

June. I’m in Germany for a couple of days, visiting my grandparents. My grandpa drives me to the industrial area near his town that used to be my home, too. It’s time for my bi-annual cosmetics shopping. The summer heat inundates us when we leave the air-conditioned drugstore. In my little backpack are 40€ worth of products, paid with the money my grandma gave me to cover a part of my train fare. We’ve barely left the entrance when my...

old city wall alzey germany

I’m sorry I’m not who I want to be

We wander through the streets of the town that was my home the last couple of months. I don’t know this quarter. Old buildings with broken façades line our way. Every now and then I halt, pointing my camera at something that has caught my attention, moving around a bit in order to find the right frame. You wait patiently. You tell me things about our surroundings, historical background information about the quarter, an anecdote about the back road to our right, details of the...