Nomad Heart

Another summer replaced by winter. It’s exhausting. Three months at a place are too long to count as a short vacation but not long enough to form lasting friendships. No matter where I am, I always miss someone. My friends are never united. And I do try to form meaningful connections wherever I am, but sometimes I wonder what the point of it is. I’d like to stay for once, be somewhere and know that I don’t have to leave...


Life Without Him

Thursday evening, once again my flatmates and I cook dinner together. It’s kinda become my highlight of the week. Our new flatmate’s girlfriend is there, too; both are really nice, but seeing them together makes me feel the absence of my love. It’s a subliminal pain. I try to forget about it; there’s nothing I can do about him not being here, so what’s the point in whining? We have fajitas and I greedily get a second one, stuffed with delicious ingredients. My eyes are bigger...