The Light

On some days, I’ve laughed merrily, the black phase just a faint memory in the back of my mind. I’ve even started to wonder if I hadn’t been too dramatic. On the first spring day this year, I have a wonderful photo shoot with a very talented girl. My heart pumps passion through my veins. We create photos I love. It doesn’t happen often enough, but whenever it does, it fills me with a deep sense of accomplishment, making all the struggle and failure worth it. ✕ ✕ ✕ But...



Looking back on the last couple of months, my life has taken an unexpected turn. Not radically. The change has come gradually, with every week that passed and every photo shoot I had. I used to be an outsider. During secondary school, not a lot of people bothered to be friends with me. It changed during my first year in high school, but I was thrown back into the outsider-role during my exchange year in Uruguay. Try imagining being a 16 years...

forest princess

The Why

In the stressful and emotionally draining phase before handing in the portfolio for my application, I received one of the most beautiful comments ever. “You need to speak about your photos’ meanings in a social context? The pictures in this post have loads of meaning. They speak about the awe and beauty of nature, combined with the beauty of the models in nature. At a time when humanity is more emotionally disconnected from the earth than ever before, what else...