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Monika jia rui

I’m at my friend Lisi’s place in Frankfurt, getting ready in the bathroom. From the gap under her roommate’s door sounds ‘Auf Uns’ by Andreas Bourani. It sounds familiar to me. He sings out loud, wholeheartedly, celebrating life.

Who is freezing this moment for us
It can’t be better than this.

Here’s to what lies ahead for us
That there will be the best for us
Here’s to what unites us
To this time
Here’s to us
To this life,
To this moment
That always stays
Here’s to us
To now and forever
To a day of infinity
Auf Uns by Andreas Bourani [translation from here]

There are certain moments in which you realise that everything falls into its place. This song about unity, life and freedom fits perfectly. My chest feels like bursting with happiness and a wide grin spreads over my face while I’m putting makeup on. Life has been good to me lately, and I’m so grateful.

Monika jia ruiMonika jia rui

[End of March, after handing in my portfolio]

Sometimes I feel a bit pressured to create good, somehow meaningful photos.

But then, there are other days when the sun is shining, the colours seem brighter and I want to have some of that unburdened magic too. I grab my camera, get out and take some silly photos. My neighbours probably think that I’m either vain or nuts; I’m happy that I don’t know how I look when I take photos of myself, but the process is fun.

It’s relaxing to do something meaningless for a change. Shed the responsibility for a couple of minutes. Forget about the pending worries and focus on something easy. Stop thinking. When I was emotionally unstable, I used to drink quite a lot to forget and let go. I think being silly in front of the camera is a healthier way to deal with it.

What do you do to relax and forget about the world?

Monika jia rui

    1. It does feel good to do something easy for a change! I used to give myself at least an hour a day to do something that involves zero thinking, such as watching TV. But I’ve given myself so many things to work on now that I haven’t even been doing that. I did go for a short hike a few days ago, and it felt magical! I basically ran the whole time because it felt so good to just be able to explore the woods.

      1. A one-hour-break per day sounds like a great plan :) I hope you still get to relax a bit these days, you do sound very busy – I appreciate that you take your time to write me anyways! All the best to you, Josh :)

    1. I love laying on the grass in the sunshine with a good book and some bouncy music… Makes me forget all my worries.

    1. “My neighbours probably think that I’m either vain or nuts; I’m happy that I don’t know how I look when I take photos of myself, but the process is fun.”

      As long as you’re having fun, that’s what really matters. Also, I wouldn’t call taking photos of yourself vain. I mean, do people judge you for taking pictures of a beautiful flower or a magnificent sunset? Those are of nature, as are you. So why not take photos of yourself? Just as the flower and the sunset, so are you a wonderful expression of nature and the universe. :)

      1. Thank you for your kind words, Gabriel! Well, we live in a time where so many young people take selfies in front of the mirror or outside that taking photos of yourself has become something with a negative connotation.. but I love how you see us humans as part of nature, I totally agree with your view! have a wonderful weekend and take care :)

      1. I envy you! I wished exercise was something relaxing for me as well :D thanks for sharing and have a beautiful weekend! :)

    1. I know what you mean about doing stuff just for fun. I do a number of things to relax. It depends on my mood. Sometimes, I binge watch videos on YouTube, sometimes I watch funny videos, or educational ones, or inspirational ones. Other times, I like to go for walks and bathe in the warmth of the spring sun.

      Your photographs are breathtaking by the way.

      1. Hello L’Shawn, thank you for your comment :) The things you do to relax are lovely! I especially like the ‘bathe in the warmth of the spring sun’ part, I think the sun has the capability to chase somber moods away.

        And thank you for the compliment <3 have a lovely weekend and take care! x

    1. I read well written murder mysteries with interesting plots and characters. Right now I have just started to read my third book in the Joe Grey series. Joe is a cat who is usually first to a murder scene except for when one of his feline friends gets there first. web: teareading.WordPress.com

      1. The plot of the Joe Grey series sounds interesting, I’ll take a look at it! I used to read a lot as well. Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful weekend! :)

    1. I’m laughing reading about the comment about your neighbours, because I think mine must surely think the same about me! hahaha
      Beautiful portraits though. Wonderful editing!

      1. hahaha I thought I was alone with that problem :D and thank you! Looking at them now I think I overdid it with Photoshop, but I guess it’s all part of the learning process haha
        Take care <3

    1. “It’s relaxing to do something meaningless for a change.” – I love this line… and by the way, you’re beautiful. :)

      1. Thanks for your comment and the lovely compliment! I have to clarify that I don’t really look like on those photos though, I think there’s way too much editing when I look at them now.
        Have an amazing week :)

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