Spring At The Ligurian Sea


waves sea Liguria

I did it. It’s over. The portfolio is handed in and the pressure is gone, there’s nothing I can do about it anymore.

climbing coast Liguria

coast Liguria

The first thing I do afterwards is fleeing from the known and plunge into a new environment, meeting the lovely blogger Italian HurricaneCiao Italia. It’s good to see you again.

My doomed relationship with my ex started here three years ago. It sparked between limoncello and a long train ride through the beautiful landscape between Naples and Milan. Luckily, it didn’t leave me with bad memories of this Mediterranean country. I love the coast with its rough cliffs and colourful houses dearly, the past lingers in a remote part of my mind.

plant sea Liguria

little plant coast Liguria

After being caught in my dark room for weeks, having this scenery around me is incredible. I absorb the tender spring sun on my warm skin, try to incorporate the smell of the sea and the wind in my hair.

I’m with this precious girl, Chiara, and immediately feel comfortable around her cordial personality. I don’t think there are many experiences that can keep up with meeting someone you met online for the first time and realise that they’re just as kind as you imagined.

There’s this beautiful candour between bloggers. You don’t have to put up a show or hide behind a mask. Since we’re not in each other’s everyday life, we can tell each other anything without being judged, allowing the possibility to spill our intimate thoughts and feelings.

coast Liguria

rocks coast Liguria

My soul recovers between our talks, good local food (farinata, gelato), the breathtaking nature, photography, sunshine and chilling on the comfortable sofa. I feel alive again. The camera in my hand makes me whole, even though I doubt my ability to capture the beautiful essence of my surroundings.

In retrospect, I think I could have done worse. Do you feel the Mediterranean sun and the salty sea air when you look at the photos?

Do you have any favourite places to relax after a stressful phase? It doesn’t have to be abroad – it might be a beautiful park nearby, a lake that calms your soul, a forest that makes you feel home – or maybe somewhere in the city? I’d love to hear from you :)

yellow flowers Liguria

island Liguria

How beautiful it must be to live here.

Liguria coast

waves stones Liguria

      1. Thank you for your comment :) where would you like to go? and which of the technical mizfits are you? :)

          1. Nice to meet you, Erran :) oh, Japan sounds great, I hope you’ll make it there soon!

    1. I love your photos you do a great job :) it is so pretty there, went years ago and it still is one of my most memorable trips. but now I head to the barn to relax there is nothing like just hanging with my horses seems like when I’m stressed they look their best… you know lots of brushing, bathing and haircuts

      1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment and the compliment! :) unfortunately I never had the pleasure to be close to horses, but I can imagine how soothing it must be to take care of them. I’m glad you have such a close blond with them :)

    1. Good luck on your portfolio! Also, while I like all of these photos, the fifth one from the top is my favorite. I love how you focused on that solitary, yet beautiful, little green plant.

      1. Thank you, Josh, you’re so kind :) number five is an interesting choice, looking closer at it I think it represents the little beautiful things that are underrated in everyday life very well :)

      1. Me too, thank you so much for your hospitality! <3 I hope we get to meet again soon :* big hug!!

      1. aw Katarina, your cute comment made me smile, thank you :)) you just reminded me that I haven’t been on your blog for a while, I’ll check it out again this evening to see what you’ve been up to lately xox

    1. All the best with your portfolio application, I’m sure you’ll do fine, your photos are full of life!

      My happy place is the beach… Always.

      1. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments, Cara! <3 I'll reply to the others this evening, for now I'm sending you a big virtual hug :) do you often get the chance to go to the beach?

        1. Awwww Monica, they are my messages to you. Please don’t feel under pressure to reply to them. <3

          Yes, we are lucky to live by the coast and I get to be there almost every weekend.

          1. I really want to reply to them to show my appreciation :) you’re too kind!

            oh, that sounds beautiful! :D

    1. Hi Monika! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. :)
      It’s so cool to find other creatives living in Switzerland. Where are you based?

      I can relate with what you wrote on this post, about meeting people online. I love that the internet makes the world a smaller place and that we’re able to quickly connect with people who have the same interests!

      These photos are beautiful, I can definitely feel the sun and salty air… I don’t have a strong connection with the sea but I do have with mountains. Going to the top of a mountain, breathe in the pure air and enjoy the silence up there brings me back to my happy place :)

      1. Hi Ines, thank you for your thoughtful comment :) yes, I was positively surprised to see you’re based in Switzerland as well (though with international connections, just like me, haha) – I’m based in Baden and just saw in Facebook that you’re in Lausanne – so you’re speaking French?

        Yes, that’s definitely one of my favourite things about the internet/blogging! And it’s really great to meet you here :))

        The mountains have their magic as well. You’re lucky to live both next to a lake and the mountains :D xox

        1. Yes, I speak French :) You’re right, I’m really lucky to live in this region with the lake surrounded by mountains, it’s beautiful!
          Really nice to meet you too, hopefully we’ll be able to meet in person someday since we’re in the same country ;)

          1. oh, cool! :D I thought you might not have learnt any French because you moved to Portugal very early. I’m hoping to get admitted to the University in Lucerne, then I’d be as lucky as you with the mountains and the lake haha
            I hope so too! A photography meet up with photographers and models would be awesome :D

            1. Swiss father & Portuguese mother, I was lucky to grow up speaking two languages :) Oh yes, Lucerne is so nice! Crossing my fingers for you!
              I like that idea a lot, let’s keep in touch ;)

              1. Awesome that you’re also a mixture :D thank you! :) haha I’m glad to hear that, but unfortunately I don’t know a lot of (young) photographers :/ we’ll see what the future brings!

    1. I’m Italian and I really love the description you made! Now I’m in Australia and I noticed that the smell of the Mediterranean Sea is different.. I love every part of the world, but when you live abroad you can appreciate the place where you grew up. :) Beautiful photos :)

      1. I’m so glad to hear that! :) I’m always happy when a native likes what I wrote about their country :) we are quite similar in this matter! I also love every part of the world, but never really liked living in Switzerland until I went to Uruguay for an exchange and realised how beautiful Switzerland actually is. I tried to get on your blog but couldn’t find it, could you give me the link? love from Switzerland <3

          1. awesome that you’re writing in English now – you’ve got a new follower, I hope you’ll post more regularly! :) I think you have to fix something in WordPress since clicking on your name here leads me to an expired link.. who knows how many people aren’t able to find your blog because of that!
            haha thanks for your kind words, but all things take time and the content is more important than the look! the look is just there to make a good first impression, but the content is what makes people stay :D so as long as you keep writing interesting posts, you’ll be fine! :)

    1. I love that area in Italy – you captured all the brilliant colours very beautifully! :)
      xx Eliane

      1. Hey Eliane, sorry for my late reply– thank you for stopping by and your kind comment! <3

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