shoes (day viii)


June. I’m in Germany for a couple of days, visiting my grandparents. My grandpa drives me to the industrial area near his town that used to be my home, too. It’s time for my bi-annual cosmetics shopping. The summer heat inundates us when we leave the air-conditioned drugstore. In my little backpack are 40€ worth of products, paid with the money my grandma gave me to cover a part of my train fare. We’ve barely left the entrance when my grandpa catches sight of my shoes. I’m doomed.

I’m wearing sneakers I bought years ago. They used to be white, but you can imagine how well-worn white shoes look like. I’ve used them till they were unwearable, but instead of throwing them away, I stored them in a closet. There they stayed, collecting dust, till this spring. Due to the lack of better options and funds, I decided to use them again.

The soles are worn through, there are holes here and there. But they’re practical, I can slip in and out of them in no time and they’re not falling off. Good enough for me – but then, I’m not like most people when it comes to shoes. ‘Monika, let’s go into the shoe store right now. We’ll get you new shoes’, says my grandpa, moving towards the building opposite the drugstore. He doesn’t even wait for my reply.

This was bound to happen; both him and my dad seem to be obsessed with clean and proper shoes. Might be a military thing. Or common sense. They didn’t pass their sense of order to me. However, I did get my grandpa’s stubbornness. It’d be so convenient to follow him and let him sponsor a new pair of shoes. But my grandparents are too kind and generous, always willing to spoil their grandchildren that visit way too rarely and I’m not here to take advantage of that.

So I decline and take some steps towards the parking lot in the other direction. He pauses. ‘Are you sure?’, he asks, giving me a concerned look. There is little more precious than feeling the care and love of grandparents. Affection fills my heart, but I try to sound as determined as possible. ‘Yes, let’s go home.’

sweet childhood memories. my grandpa, siblings and me. here caught hitting nettles. because nettles are bad.

Gosh, another prompt I struggled with for ages. I forced myself to get it over with so I can write about more inspiring ones, I’m looking forward to those 😊

    1. Awwww, those babies! How cute. It’s nice that your grandparents like to spoil you! That’s what grandparents are for ;)

    1. I’m with The Wayfarer, it’s absolutely delightful the grand parents want to spoil you. How divine is that! Hope your having a fabulous time!

      1. Yes, I’m really grateful for them! :) How is/was your relationship to your grandparents?

        haha I left them at the flat when I moved out because their time was definitely over 😅

        1. I never spent much time with my grandparents, other than occasional visits. I do miss going to visit my grandmother though, but unfortunately all of my grandparents have passed away.

          I guess even shoes aren’t immortal :)

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