out of control (day xii)



And then – rage. This stupid suitcase banging against my leg, a future bruise on my thigh. My back hurts. Still so many steps to scale. Halfway there I realise: This anger. Is not about my heavy luggage. The sweat running down my temples. The calluses on my right palm. The narrow stairway.

It’s triggered by utter helplessness. I’m facing something too big for me. I’ve been caught up in my comfortable little bubble. Too busy getting my life together. And so happy when I succeeded that I didn’t see the hints. All the signs that lied in plain sight.

I was self-absorbed and blind and almost paid a high price for it.

Helpless rage, once again. I’m trying to do too much but I can’t stop it.

Everything is about to slip away, fall apart.

I haven’t shared anything for too long, so here’s a little post for the writing challenge I started a long time ago. I hope 2018 has been kind to you so far. Currently I’m reunited with my love and back in Belgrade! :) Unfortunately not very productive yet but sometimes it’s also necessary to take a break and enjoy life :D take care, my loves! <3

Model: my dear friend Kaja on 35mm film :)

      1. Hey Josh, thank you for your comment! Great to hear from you again, as always :) the year has been lovely so far, I hope you had a great start as well!

    1. Hi Monika! Nice to see a post from you! I’m so happy to hear you’re doing well, enjoying life, and are back with your love. 💗 I just love your writing so much…

      1. Dear Hunida, thank you for your lovely words! It’s always a pleasure hearing from you <3 I spent like at least an hour today to catch up on some of your posts, I had so much fun reading them! :))

        1. Oh my gosh, you are so sweet. It means so much to me that you spent so much time on my blog! <3 I'm really happy to hear you had fun reading my posts. :D

          1. haha you’re at least as sweet as me :)) thank you for your constant encouragement!! I did, they’re very insightful and interesting, I love to read stories from other people’s perspective :)) xx

          1. Well I totally understand why you would think that since I’m doing the challenge my way.. But anyways, please take care!

    1. Mm, mental wellness and taking a break for your own sanity is definitely important. I hope you’ll be able to feel well-rested, and we look forward to seeing more of your posts around the blogosphere :)

      1. Thank you for your kind wishes!! Definitely planning to blog more often again <3 I hope you're doing well xx

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