an open door (day ii)


Day 2, an open door

I doubt we encounter many open doors in life. Sometimes a door we wanted to enter closes right under our nose, forcing us to look for other options. That might lead us to finding open doors at unexpected places. But normally, we have to open the doors ourselves. There’s no butler doing that for us (if we want to get somewhere worthwhile).

When I think of open doors and creating opportunities, my crazy decision from last year crosses my mind. Back then, I didn’t know anything about photography. Nonetheless I listened to my heart and knew it was what I wanted to pursue. This belief was so strong I overcame my fears and decided to wait another year with my studies, going against my parents’ wishes.

It was the right thing to do, though it definitely wasn’t an open door waiting for me. Man, when I remember my struggles. I was frantically searching the floor for the missing key, half convinced that I’d never find it. My knees were bruised and my palms raw when I cautiously tried a key and it miraculously opened the door, admitting me to the course of my dreams.

Now, I’ve finally made it, I’m studying what I dreamt of and have to realise it’s

  1. not as amazing as I thought it was and
  2. I suck at what I love most.

Well. Not all that glitters is gold, and just because something’s difficult to obtain doesn’t mean that it’s worth the trouble.

Funny enough, when I was about to publish this, I remembered I wrote a post called “Doors Wide Open” last February.

Here are two excerpts I want to share with you.

When one door closes, there are still so many doors wide open, so many possibilities waiting for me. If something doesn’t work out, it’s not meant to be. Life will have something better in store for me.

And apparently, the following has been bothering me for a while now:

Currently I’m in the process of making my blog more personal. As I’ve written before, I want to find my voice again. This includes writing about the mundane, regularly. (…)

I feel like having to apologize for boring you, but I shouldn’t, since my blog is my own little place in the internet. So if you feel like leaving, it’s okay. I was glad you stuck around for a while and wish you all the best.

My goal is to be able to use words and photography to capture the beauty that can be found in everyday life, in those moments and gestures that slip by unnoticed if we don’t pay attention, in the routine. I have yet to start with the documentary photography part, I guess that’s a challenge I’ll take up once I hand in the portfolio. For now, I’ll settle with writing.

I guess it’s time to start documenting my life with photography as well :)

        1. Ha, ha! Don’t worry. No pressure. What I have found most pleasant in the blogging world is… the peace and courtesy. Warmth too. And many positive things. And definitely no pressure from anyone (almost). So… I will just look forward to what you feel like posting. Take care. B.

          1. That’s true! I’m getting so much love and kindness here and am so happy about it! It’s amazing to have a lovely little place in the internet :)

            1. It is. You do meet amazing people. :) There are times (holidays for instance) when I don’t blog for lack of time. And I miss it then. Which is all right because at the end you get back in touch. :)

    1. Don’t give up! If photography is what you love the most, never give up on trying to improve! You’ve been through difficult situations before, and you’ve always made it out to the other side. You can do it!

      1. Thank you very much for your encouragement, Josh! You’re totally right. Sometimes the progress is painfully slow, but I’m determined to keep going :) I really can’t wait for your announcement and hope that your hard work will pay off soon!

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