November Thoughts – 2015


November 10th

Life passes so quickly between taking care of children, tuition, photo shoots, nurturing relationships and fretting about art school choices. I love these peaceful weeks in which I do what I love, save up money and don’t have to worry about my future (yet). Unfortunately this will change soon enough.

Now it’s already dark by 5pm and Christmas decoration is displayed in the shop windows. It’s almost mid November and I wonder what has happened to October. My first uni application (and thus portfolio) is due in March and currently I’m not really doing anything for it.

Anyways, in average, I have around three photo shoots per week (time for print (TFP) based, that means I don’t get any money – yet :D) and I feel that my portraits are getting better and better. I really love the whole process, meeting friends and new people, trying different things, getting great shots, editing the photos and sharing them afterwards.

I feel incredibly passionate about it. Click here to check the portraits out – lately I haven’t been posting any on my blog. Oh and now I’ve finally got a reflector so I think that the proper use will bring my photography to the next level :)

With time passing so quickly, I’ve come to realise once again that I want to make the best out of it. I’ve been extremely focused on photography the last few weeks and I want to nurture my body, mind and soul more. I’m actually planning to document my life with photos but I have difficulties to actually start with that.

Today I also had the idea to take a day trip to the Alps or somewhere so it’s just nature and me (and my camera). I wouldn’t mind having a model with me (anyone interested? :P) but some time on my own definitely wouldn’t hurt either. I’ll keep you updated :)

Have a great week! <3

self portrait monika
self-portrait, November 2015

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