My first Goa party


So I went to my first Goa/Psytrance party. Almost sober. A friend asked me if I wanted to join and I said yes before really thinking it through because my first thought was yay! A new experience! When I thought about it again, I doubted my decision and almost wanted to cancel it. Psychedelic music and many people who belong to the same subculture I don’t belong to? Famous for consuming drugs? On the other hand, the party was for a good cause and drugs were forbidden so maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as I thought. And even if it would turn out bad, we could leave. Nothing to lose.

So we went there and it was really awesome, totally different from the other party experiences I’ve had so far! It was not about dancing with others and getting someone for the night, everyone just randomly danced for himself/herself. And yes, it really looks weird for outsiders but when you’re in there and open to new experiences, you’ll join and won’t care.

The walls were painted with fluorescent patterns and some people had fluorescent colours on their face or wore things that glowed in the black light. The music (dark progressive/psytrance/night full on/twilight psy) would have been really random out of the context and I couldn’t listen to it for more than five minutes in my free time but when I was in there and just danced, I didn’t think it sounded weird. Sometimes I also danced observing the people around me who went with the flow and didn’t care about anything else, unselfconscious.

Then came the moment I realized I lost some of our money and the ticket to reclaim our jacket and backpack. Luckily we were able to settle the reclaim ticket thingy quickly however I felt bad about losing the stuff. The incident finally sobered me up (at least I thought so in the moment, in retrospect I have the feeling that the music did put me in some kind of trance – really interesting experience!). In another time, I would have beaten myself up because of losing our things. Now, I knew I had a choice. I could continue feeling bad because of the mishap and let it ruin my night or I could push the thought away and have a good time again. I chose the second option. It didn’t work right away but after a couple of minutes I did enjoy myself again and we danced the whole night. My legs still hurt and I feel exhausted but it was worth it!

It was an awesome experience. It showed me once again how important it is to be open to new and different things and lay down my prejudices. I’ve never felt so comfortable dancing somewhere before, there was no hitting on people, everyone was nice and peaceful and I feel bad for silently judging this subculture for its look before.

Have you ever tried something totally new? What was your experience? I’d love to hear from you!


Let me know what you think!

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