Monthly Challenges: June


I can’t believe how time flies. May is over, my volunteer year is almost over, I’m leaving Germany in probably one week and soon I’m going to be in Uruguay again. It hasn’t sunk in until just now and now anxiousness is swallowing me up, paralysing me. It’s always the same – but I’ll leave that to another post and will just focus on breathing for now.

Even though this month will be challenging enough I don’t want to miss the chance to challenge myself a little bit more because this is how I will develop as a person. As always, I got the ideas from this page.

  • #55 Be the Yes man for a month and start saying yes to stuff. This month is full of changes and I think it’s a great chance to be open towards every opportunity I’ll encounter! Of course I’ll still use some good judgement and won’t get into anything too stupid. :)
  • #15 Think of your worst habit you’ve been meaning to ditch and give it up for 30 days. Since the going to sleep earlier didn’t work out that well last month I decided I had to be more committed. I agreed with a friend that I’ll give her 100 Swiss Francs if I don’t go to bed before 11pm most of the nights this month (two exceptions per week are allowed).
  • Listen mindfully to music. I’ve noticed that music has become very important to me since I live alone but also has become background noise I don’t pay attention to. I want to learn to really listen to what I hear and not just use it as a means to drown the silence. I’ll listen mindfully to one new song per day to train my awareness.

And a little spoiler: I’m planning to be internet-free in July!!! I’ve thought of it for several months and I guess it’s the perfect time to try it. The only exception will be WhatsApp since it’s like regular SMS just for free and I’ll be thousands of miles away from my family and buddies. This challenge requires a lot of planning but I’m really curious to see how it’ll unfold!

    1. I love the Yes Man idea! I’ve thought about doing that but I’ve never really gotten around to. Maybe I’ll make it my monthly goal as well!

      1. I’d love to hear of your experience if you decide to do it as well! :)
        Thank you for your comment :)

      1. Oh I’d be very interested in seeing which challenges you’d tackle! Definitely tell me if you decide to do it too! :)
        Have a great day! :)

          1. aah ich wusste gar nicht, dass du Deutsch lernst! Viel, viel Glück und Erfolg :))) Du schaffst das! Go girl!

            1. Ich brauche viel viel Glück um Deutsch zu lernen! Ich muss Kafka, Schiller, Buchner und andere studieren, aber nur ihre unbekannte Werke! :/

              1. Du bist aber intelligent und fleissig, du packst das! :) Kafka und Schiller musste ich letztes Jahr lesen, glücklicherweise konnte ich mir die Werke aber aussuchen. Wann ist die Prüfung?

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