Happiness In The Ordinary


Some days are perfect from the moment you wake up till you rest your tired head on the pillow and nestle down in cozy blankets.

I wake up early to bake for the first time for ages. I craved this Oatmeal Cherry Crumble Pie since I’ve seen it on my favourite food blogger’s website a couple of days ago. It finishes just in time so I get to taste some of the warm, vegan deliciousness, then I leave to meet my Romanian acquaintance. The last time we saw each other was three years ago and I’m not sure about what to expect, because he had the image of a, well, rather superficial playboy back then.

I either never knew him or he changed a lot (both is probably true). We have a great conversation and I have the feeling we might become friends soon.

misleading-maps2Just before we part ways, he tells me something that sticks to my mind. Believe in yourself with all your heart and you’re going to succeed. Believe that you’re good, good enough for whatever you aim for. You don’t have to tell anybody about your hopes if you’re afraid that they might make fun of you. Just believe in yourself silently. That’s how I got here against all odds. And I’m doing it. It might be too late for the portfolio I handed in with a backup plan in my mind. But it’s not too late for my other dreams.

I get back before lunch, eat too much of the cherry pie, go to take care of the adorable Indian twins. We’ve had a wonderful week together and today, too, they’re being very nice and lovely. It makes me bubbling over with happiness.

Then I return to town to meet a friend I haven’t seen for a year. It’s beautiful to see each other again and not feel alienated. We’re not regularly in touch, but can still talk about anything.

misleading-maps3In the evening, I take the train to Zurich to meet with my dear friend Milli. I can be difficult, very difficult. I know that people who spend a lot of time with me need a huge amount of patience so they don’t get crazy. It’s not understood and I’m incredibly grateful for her and my love’s support during the last few weeks.

We spoil ourselves with an expensive but delicious vegetarian/vegan dinner at Hiltl. For once, I don’t care about being thrifty. After a dessert that makes my clothes feel uncomfortably tight, we head back to our town and spontaneously decide to get a beer.

We end up in the Irish pub that holds many intense memories for me. Tears, exhaustion, curiosity, adventure. We talk for hours and I’m surprised to find out more about her. When was the last time you learnt something new about a close friend of yours?

misleading-maps4Two acquaintances spot us and join for a chat. We squeeze together around the corner of a small wooden table. Knees, legs and arms touching. The alcohol facilitates the conversation and I’m happy to be here, I’m happy with my life and I’m happy that things are the way they are, no matter what might or might not happen in the future. Life can be wonderful.

Then, doubts slip into my mind. One of the acquaintances is a guy I wanted to make friends with few years ago. In my usual style, I made a couple of attempts before giving up. After all, it was one-sided. Today, he was the one who came up to us. Alcohol changes you. It makes you approach people you would have ignored if you were sober. It makes you care when you actually don’t.

And while I’ve gotten used to it, it still stings a bit. It’s different for me. But sometimes you just have to adapt and play the game everyone’s playing.


I carried my camera all day long, but didn’t take a single picture to document my day. That’s definitely something I have to work on.

Instead, the photos in this post are of stunning Vanessa from Misleading Maps. We had a shoot last Monday and are planning to collaborate and venture into fashion photography together. It’s a challenge we face with lots of enthusiasm and motivation – stay tuned! :)

      1. Thank you, Christopher! :) oh I adore the blogger and have been baking her things regularly for three years now. I hope you’ll like it too :)

    1. Nice read. =) I like your style of writing. Very personal and descriptive. It is almost as if I was right there in the moment.
      Good job!

      1. Thank you very much for your kind words, MC! I’m working on it so it’s great to get such positive feedback :) have a great week!

        1. You’re always welcome. Keep penning more of your experiences. Besides giving us the pleasure of reading them, you would also be better at it a lot more.
          Thank you and you too have a great and eventful week ahead.

          1. I’m so glad and thankful that there are people like you who read what I write – thank you! :) I think I’m slowly getting used to writing more genuinely and that’s only possible thanks to the great feedback I get :) Have a beautiful and relaxing weekend!

    1. Thank you so much for taking these nice pictures of me! I hope all our plans will work out even though there might me a lot of scheduling and money involved :p Also loved this post it’s so deep and also very calming to read!
      Lots of love

      1. ahh it’s so sad we weren’t able to shoot at all this weekend :(( I hope we can catch up next week! thanks for reading and your lovely comment – and of course for your fashion advice! :D <3 have a lovely week, I hope I'll see you soon! :)

        1. Hi :) you wrote me in a comment that you were thinking about getting more involved with fashion and beauty and I thought that maybe fashion photography was the reason why.

          1. oh, yes, you’re absolutely right – I can’t really become a fashion photographer if I don’t know anything about it. But currently I’m not sure where I want to head with my photography anyways..

            1. I was reading your new post about it, but I am too tired to write a sensible comment (and to prove WordPress that I am not a bot).
              I am going to bed and I suggest you to do the same. Unplug your poor brain and get some sleep. Take a hot bath, a glass of milk, 10 minutes of guided meditation, do one or all of the above or nothing and go to sleep. Tomorrow it will be better. Nothing is going to happen tonight anyway. Sleep tight :*

              1. huh, you have to type in some weird code before publishing a comment on my page?
                well, I have to state that I do know that I want to both pursue documentary photography and portraits/fashion, but I’m just not sure what kind of style I want to have for the latter. Guess it takes some time to figure it out :)
                And thank you for your caring comment <3 yes, I should really go to bed now and will do it very soon :) take care Nina! <3

    1. Beautiful photos Monika! Love the way you edited them too.
      Back in 2013 I started photographing for a fashion blogger, nothing serious in the beginning but then opportunities showed up… and since then I’ve worked on so many amazing projects with her! I really wish you the best for this new adventure :)

      1. Thank you, Ines! I love to hear that from a fellow photographer :D
        wow, that sounds pretty awesome! Is it the blogger you photographed in Berne? Now I’m even more curious to see where this will lead me :))

          1. oh, now I get it. It’s so cool that you keep collaborating together, you make a dream-team! :)

      1. Welcome to my blog Barbara and thank you for your comment! I’d be happy if you came back :)

    1. You are a very good writer, but I admit candidly that I was distracted by the photos as they did not seem to be you.

      Out of context, I felt like they distracted and maybe took something away from your story and experience. 😊

      I share that to be open and truthful and maybe that will help empower you to take your writing even further!

      1. Thank you for your constructive feedback, Brett! :) I appreciate it a lot. I’m a bit afraid that people would be scared by a rather long text, so I try to incorporate some unrelated photos I took in the post (so I also don’t have to make another post just for the photos).. I’ll see if I can find a better solution, thanks again for your comment and have a nice day! :)

        1. Photos can be great, but these just didn’t feel ‘as real’ as your writing. 🙂

          Keep experimenting, this wasn’t a mistake. I am not judging you. Just feel that as you evolve with this, you will connect even more!

          1. You’re right, they really don’t fit to the person I am.. amazing that you realised that immediately :) I’m really happy about your helpful feedback, thank you! You’re very kind. Have an awesome weekend :)

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