Switzerland turns white the day before December. I’m in a little cultural center in the middle of nowhere, listen to beautiful live music with eyes closed, forgetting that I’m in a body, drifting away.

And I feel immense gratitude.

For the safety net around me that I could only dream of years ago.

For friends who have experienced me as a bad-tempered party pooper, didn’t judge nor mind, and just stay when I was so afraid of being left.

For friends who are crazily busy and still spontaneously join me to a concert of a band they don’t know.

For being able to not only receive support, but to give it, too.

For my love who’s always, always been there for me, no matter how crazy life was, no matter how confused I was.

For being able to meet ‘random strangers’ from Instagram and realising how much kindness is out there.

For having so much to be grateful for, this overwhelming warm feeling spreads from my heart to the rest of my body and I can’t help but be all teeth and smiles.

And for you, my dear readers, for accompanying me every step of this journey with supportive and kind words – I really mean it, I wouldn’t be here without you (even though I’m really bad at answering comments on time, sorry!).

    1. This is nice. Grateful heart, beautiful soul.

      1. Thank you! It’s really important to stop sometimes and appreciate what we have :)

        1. Helps by opening up to the reader which enables teh reader to be in touch with the writer but also with their own feelings too.

    1. This made me think about the things I do have in my life that I often take for granted, especially that safety net you talk about, which, by reading this, I realize I have always had it, and yet I didn’t appreciate it as much.

      1. I’m so glad you’ve always had it! I guess we tend to take the things we never missed for granted.

    1. Dear Monika, I absolutely love this post and I love your blog. You have been on an amazing journey that I can really identify with. I am discovering how wonderful it is to come out of hiding, risk vulnerability and find kindness. You photography is breathtaking… or rather breathgiving. Breathe is good, after all!

      1. wow, thank you very much for your lovely and supportive comment! <3 Happy New Year!

    1. This is so beautiful. Your picture and words flow perfectly together and truly add depth to each other.

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