Gap Year, Volume II


Back in Switzerland, beautiful memories behind, an unknown future ahead.

A gap year, once again. A bit different from last year when I volunteered in Germany. Less structure, more uncertainty. And I still can’t handle it. I’m trying not to freak out, but I’m having a hard time.

As always, my self-doubts are overwhelming. What if I don’t get the jobs. What if I do get them but do badly. What if I fail to teach my students something. What if I fail to take care of the children. What if, what if.

It’s crazy how I can still feel insecure about something I’ve done many times before. My worst enemy is inside my head.

Now my first tuition classes are over and they all went smooth. I really had no reason to worry about them.

That means I have to focus on the most important thing: Photography. I have to give it all if I want to make it into Art School. Luckily my future doesn’t depend on entering or not, but I really want to accomplish it.

So the next couple of months are going to be about work, photography and getting a balance – learning a foreign language, baking, running, writing. Traveling comes afterwards.

I’ll use this blog to keep track of my progress, dreams and plans. Currently, I’m taking a lot of portraits of my friends. You can look at them here. If anyone lives nearby and wants to volunteer as a model, let me know!

    1. Ich liebe deine Fotos, sie sind wirklich awesome :) Und ich glaube fest dass du es auf die Kunstschule schaffst, du hast dich so extrem entwickelt, seit ich dich bei unserem FSJ kennengelernt habe. Das ist eine weitere Hürde, die du meistern wirst! :*

      1. Danke, Mara! <3 Ich glaube noch nicht 100% daran, aber wenn ich bis März hart arbeite, wird's hoffentlich klappen :) bin übrigens vermutlich in ein, zwei Wochen in Deutschland, vielleicht können wir uns da treffen (und ich dich fotografieren :) )?

Let me know what you think!

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