Falling In Love With Lucerne


Even though sometimes it’s deeply unsettling not to have many constants in life, I do love changes. I’ve had a couple during the last few years, moving around, exposing myself to new situations that were not all equally comfortable.

Observing the ever-changing situation in Lucerne fascinates me. I’ve lived there since a month and love to see how life unfolds, revealing new surprises behind every bend along the road. After the first week, I was dramatically crushed, sure I’d be an outsider in class. Three more weeks have gone by and my view has become more optimistic.

I can’t wait to settle down, get to know more people, hopefully find some inspiring friendships.

At times, I notice little details that make me pause and realise afresh how amazing my situation is. Like when I had beer during our “home party” and the etiquettes of both brands proudly stated Made in Lucerne. I’m really there. The possibility of making it used to be an idea I thought was too good to be true, a distant dream.

Living and studying there per se is not that amazing. But the fact that I’m doing it is. To me, it’s the fruit after all the struggles I went through since my exchange year. I transformed from a grey nobody who tried to fit in to someone who overcame her fears and decided to aim for stars who might be too far away to be reached. But even though I was often convinced of failing, the opposite happened. I succeeded and surpassed my expectations.


I’m falling in love with my new life. The bond is still very delicate, but it feels like it’s growing stronger with every passing day, week, conversation, laughter, time spent with new people.

Something that I’ve newly discovered is meeting strangers, with whom I can actually have interesting conversations, at parties. It might sound really common for many people, but it’s very new to me. I had to explain my origins several times and funny enough, I realised that I’ve finally stopped rejecting the term “Swiss” in connection with me (I used to emphasise ‘I’m not Swiss!’) – because I feel that Lucerne is already a part of me.

What also fascinates me is watching friendships grow. How strangers become familiar when you see them regularly. The intimacy that tenderly develops. Sometimes I wished I could hurry the process, get to the topics that truly interests me and ask people about what they’re passionate about, what inspires them, which bad experience made them stronger etc.. But I know that people are put off by these questions and generally don’t want to open up to strangers. So it’s less awkward and much easier to make rather meaningless smalltalk while the ‘real deal’ has to wait for now. I’m not sure if I like my babbling, but I guess it’s better than not being able to say anything.

Speaking of the photo linked in the previous sentence, my 365 project took a new twist when I started uni – a stricter self-censorship has started to leave its mark. I think I can’t write as openly about my thoughts and feelings as before, knowing that people who are regularly involved in my everyday life can read them as well. But I’m sure I’ll find the happy medium.


Some photos from our pre-party dinner last Friday. We had delicious homemade sushi (mainly made by our Japanese roommate, with the help of the others while I just took photos :P). It was my first social event in Lucerne, so I really want to have these memories on my blog.














vegan options for me


our awesome chef
delicious vegan sushi with avocado, cucumber and fried tofu

    1. It looks like fun, Monika. It’s good to hear you’re settling in and enjoying Lucerne. Good luck with classes and such.

      1. Thank you very much, Christopher! :) I hope you’re doing well, have a wonderful week!

    1. I loved your words, “The bond is still very delicate,” because this is exactly how I felt upon first moving to Vancouver. It was so fresh last year, but it still felt right and experiencing new people and new things has been exhilarating. :) Wonderful post thank you for sharing!

      1. oh, thank you so much for your kind words <3 living in Vancouver sounds amazing! Where did you live before moving there? I'm glad to hear that you've been having such a great time :) take care! x

    1. Totally get where you’re coming from with not having the stability of a constant environment, but at the same time loving it. It’s a weird…and sometimes others don’t fully understand where you’re coming from either – maybe because sometimes you’re not sure where you exactly you come from :p but hey I always tell myself it doesn’t matter if I don’t have a permanent home, I make a home wherever I am situated. Now that I am situated in Australia I’m away from family, and sometimes I miss some of the constants and stability that they can provide, but at the same time the positives from my life here outweigh the negatives. Having grown up around the world, I almost can’t imagine a life where I’m still for too long in one place :) I really enjoy reading your blogs, and your photography is brilliant!

      1. hey Olivia, thank you very much for your thoughtful comment and the lovely compliments! :) “I always tell myself it doesn’t matter if I don’t have a permanent home, I make a home wherever I am situated” – that is so me!! so you’re a third culture kid as well? Where have you lived so far, and “where are you from”? I’d love to hear more of your story :)
        Have a wonderful week and take care x

        1. Hi Monika! You’re welcome :) it’s nice coming across and meeting fellow TCKs – you totally get where I am coming from (I’m not completely mad). So I’m from England,moved to Hong Kong when I was a few months but not for long, because then moved to Indonesia. Since then I’ve been living a few years in Indo and England, and now currently in Australia! That’s the short story. Looking forward to more posts! All the best with your studies x

          1. haha I actually have a fellow TCK in my class (and we’re just 13), I was totally surprised she knew the term! and yes, it’s always lovely to find others :) wow, Indonesia sounds amazing! so where does your boyfriend live? In England? thank you, take care and have a lovely week x

            1. Wow still surprises me too when I come across TCKs :) Indonesia was one of the best periods of my life, maybe I was living in a bit of a bubble, but a very wide-eyed, open-minded bubble :) x

    1. So true… sometimes I miss stability and routine, but I still keep pushing myself to do new things and go new places! In fact I haven’t lived at the same address for more than a year since I graduated from high school! I think for me I get lazy if I have too many comforts. When I moved back to LA, I saw all my old friends less often than I do if I’m only in town for a week. I hope you find some great friendships in Lucerne. People who are willing to cook dinner together bode well as friends, in my opinion!

      1. It’s awesome you can identify with it even though your background is quite different! The ever-changing address thing sounds quite cool to me :D yes they’re really nice, but I guess that those who’ve lived here for a year don’t really ‘need’ new friends anymore (like they’re getting to know new people all the time while for me, it’s still something special). I’ll see. btw do you have Facebook? If you do, could you send me a message via my page (or just add me)? :)
        I hope you’ve been enjoying your travels! :)

    1. It all sounds and looks delightful and delicious. Thanks for sharing. You are expanding my world.

      1. “You are expanding my world.” sounds a bit sarcastic, but I guess it wasn’t meant that way hahaha thank you for your comment! :))

    1. “I think can’t write as openly about my thoughts and feelings as before, knowing that people who are regularly involved in my everyday life can read them as well.”

      Well, it’s going to take more effort, but you can always create a private blog that only you can view. I used to have a private Multiply account where I was more “talkative”, although I did meet lots of contacts as it was not just for my own eyes. They mostly were people I did not really know, and I realized, it was easier to share myself when it’s people you don’t exactly know, people who won’t be hurt, people you can talk about (though anonymously) and you won’t exactly worry about them fighting with you over it.

      When Multiply folded up, I transferred the contents to Blogspot and it remained inactive/disabled for several years–I didn’t want to share the more emotional side of me anymore, but I did want to preserve my history. My WordPress is the less emotional side. Then I realized, no, I do need an outlet, so I enabled the Blogspot one finally. I do have to self-censor a bit, because you know what? Self-censorship is not totally a bad thing. Just know which you should censor and which you don’t need to…

      On another note,…Sushi! I love sushi! Not too crazy about sashimi, though, but it’s okay enough.

      1. Hi, thank you very much for your elaborate comment, I appreciate it a lot!

        I used to have a private blog with only a handful of invited readers as well (none of them from my everyday life) and it’s an amazing documentation of some of my teenage years, but I’ve developed and my current blogging goal is being vulnerable, help people with it somehow and also connect with people more easily through my vulnerability. “Hiding” would be counterproductive.. but I do understand what you mean and there are certainly many advantages, thank you very much for sharing!

        I definitely still have some conscious self-censorship going on, not censoring anything would be very foolish :D

        haha yeah, sushi is delicious! <3 have a nice week and take care! x

    1. Your comments about becoming a part of a place are very interesting. It makes me realize the vulnerability it takes to do this and good for you for reaching out in order to grow and expand your life. I find this inspiring. Tanya

      1. Hi Tanya, thank you very much for your kind feedback! I still don’t understand the impact of writing about my experience here and posting it somewhere the people I met can read it (and thus making myself vulnerable) on my relationship with those people, but so far it’s been rather positive and I think it helps me to integrate even faster – blogging openly is really intriguing! I hope you get what I mean :D Take care x

    1. I am looking forward to hearing more about this. I LOVE Lucerne…..and Switzerland in general, but I can imagine that RESIDING there would be a bit of culture shock. Do keep posting and do keep pinching yourself because…..you’re doing it!!!!

      1. Thank you so much, dear Melissa! I’m really super lucky, Lucerne is so beautiful and my flatmates are wonderful, I can’t wish for more. I’m glad to hear that you love Lucerne as well! :D

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