Fake It Till You Make It


If I took a second to look back on the past few months and weeks, I’d be surprise to see who I’ve become.

I’ve started to talk to random strangers in the street, asking for their picture. I’ve taken photos of people I hadn’t talked to for years. I had my first shoot with someone I didn’t know before. Hopefully, I’ll start shooting ‘real’ strangers soon.

I don’t only have colourful hair now, no, yesterday I walked around in public with the top of my hair bleached light blond. It looked crazy. A couple of months ago, I’d never dare to show myself in public like that and if I had to do it under certain circumstances, I’d feel terribly ashamed. However, yesterday, I just didn’t care.

Suddenly, I seem like a self-confident, extrovert and arty person, someone I wasn’t one year ago. Heck, I wasn’t even like that when I started this blog six months ago. But it’s not really fake, I’m not trying to be someone I’m not.

This person is within me and I’m trying to bring her out because she’s the one I want to be now. She’s in control of her life and she’s confident. She might be able to enter art school. Her counterpart, the shy grey girl doubting herself, trying to blend in, isn’t.

I’d say this new facet of me has appeared because I’ve been constantly working on leaving my comfort zone this year. It’s impressive to see how much many little baby steps can add up gradually. I faked being a confident person, now I’m turning into one.

And I really think that we have various versions of ourselves within us (though not all equally prominent) and can choose who we want to become. I’m sure you’ve heard people saying He/she’s trying to be someone he/she’s not before. I used to think that of others as well, but now I’m not so sure about it anymore.

Who are we to judge who someone really is? Why can’t we let people decide which version of themselves they want to be? Maybe they’re trying to transform into someone different because they’re not happy being current self, the one you perceive as their real self. It’s their decision, it’s their life.

Are you who you want to be? Have you noticed different versions of yourself or do you think it’s a concept that’s either wrong or doesn’t apply to everyone?

And if you wonder how I look with blond hair (though it definitely looked worse in real life):

With a lovely duck face, because you should never take yourself too seriously.

    1. I agree, never judge because you never know what’s going on in someone’s head/life/etc… It’s an evolving world, change is constant, so the notion of staying the exact same is actually baffling and illogical. We change everyday, especially as we experience new things and all…

      1. Great thoughts, thank you for sharing :) I hope you’re changing to someone you want to be and I’m sure you’re taking lots of steps towards your goal, you do look like a hard-working person! :)

    1. Inspiring is the one word I could say about this post. Way to go! Happy to follow your blog :-)

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