faces in the street (day iii)


For someone who loves faces and capturing their individual beauty I’ve been very focused on staring at the pavement in front of my feet lately, avoiding any eye contact. When I’m out on my own, fear burdens my gaze, pulling it down. It sticks to the bumpy sidewalk in front of me. Step, step, road damage, step, dog pile, step. Don’t look at anyone, don’t attract any attention. Eye contact is beautiful, smiling at strangers too; it’s a pity we’ve become accustomed to ignoring each other. It’s a pity I let my fear dictate my composure.

The streets in Montevideo’s heart are loud and bustle with life. At least for a small town girl like me. The buzz of activity is a spectacle worth observing, especially for photographers. There are so many things I could capture. I should capture. But sometimes I’m afraid of the world around me and rather stay within myself. I know – by doing so, I’m missing out on so much. But I’d miss out on a lot more if I pressured myself and ended up staying in the safety of my love’s room, shut away and isolated. So I try to take it easy.

Baby steps. I need time. Little by little my gaze will lift from the pavement, roam and curiously look at the faces around me. And then, one day, I walk with a little smile on my lips, welcoming the drizzle on my face, eyes attentively wandering around, studying the faces I see. Most of them are in their own world, too, hardly looking up. It’s okay. At some point, I’ll be ready to approach them, talk to them, photograph them. I know that while some will be suspicious and evasive, others will welcome a friendly face that randomly chats them up. And these are the encounters I’ll remember with a smile.

You might remember this writing challenge I found on Lu’s blog last year (you have to check her out, she’s a crazily talented writer/photographer/painter/artist!). Since I’ve received some compliments on my writing lately and my grades from uni indicate that my writing lecturer appreciates my writing more than my photography lecturers my photography, I decided to work on my writing again.

I know enough amazing writers to be realistic – I’m not good at writing. But I love to do it and only practice will help me improve. This challenge is a good way to start writing about something other than my typical journal-styled posts. So I’ll try to work on this challenge as regularly as possible and well, see where it’ll lead. :)


    1. I admire the way of live you’ve chosen – to live in different places – it’s hard to imagine someone like you having the same inhibitions as someone like me – and yet I have the same aspiration, to capture images of people passing by, have a random chat with them, catch an excerpt of their story – I truly believe people cross paths for a reason, and you have crossed mine at this time because I somehow share your thoughts.
      When I was disciplining myself to write more I came across this book and i still rely on it when i simply need a nudge to write https://www.amazon.com/Things-Write-Francisco-Writers-Grotto/dp/1452105448
      Thank you for sharing !

      1. I appreciate your comments a lot, Nishita, thank you! <3 just to clarify, I don't move that often, I was just lucky I got to live in several countries while growing up. We might have different backgrounds but I think we're quite similar in the inside :) thank you very much for the tip, this book looks awesome, I think I'll get it for after this challenge!
        All the best to you <3

      1. Thank you! :) I tried to reach your blog via your profile but it’s not linked, is that a mistake?

        1. That’s odd…that’s the first time I’d noticed that! You’re right, it’s not linked. I’ll have to tinker around and get that fixed…it’s definitely a mistake. Thanks for the heads up, and keep up the great writing.

            1. Looking into it now; thanks for the heads up, Monika. Cheers!

    1. You ARE good at writing (believe me, I was a writing tutor and I am a teacher, I read enough shitty and good writing to know the difference ;) ) Besides, the best way to become a better writer, like with anything, is to practice! We are not born with most of our abilities, and the more we practice the better we get! I see lots of children who think they aren’t good at math but I tell them to try it over and over and over, and lo and behold, six months later they realize they are capable of being “good” at math! I look forward to reading all your writings.

      1. Aw Arielle, thank you so much, your positivity and awesome teaching skills totally shine through in this encouraging comment! <3 I can totally hear your voice in my head haha your students must love you!
        You're totally right – I wouldn't be anywhere with my photography if I had let my initial ignorance stop me from working on it. Thank you for being such a lovely person, I hope you're doing well x

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