an open door (day ii)

Day 2, an open door I doubt we encounter many open doors in life. Sometimes a door we wanted to enter closes right under our nose, forcing us to look for other options. That might lead us to finding open doors at unexpected places. But normally, we have to open the doors ourselves. There’s no butler doing that for us (if we want to get somewhere worthwhile). When I think of open doors and creating opportunities, my crazy decision from last year crosses my mind. Back...


things we carry (day i)

I found this writing challenge at Lu’s blog and decided to give it a shot. I want to get into the habit of writing more often and overthink it less. Maybe I’ll find my voice again this way. Day 1, things we carry We carry our past like a weight. Scars on our skin, scars on our soul. Sometimes also wounds that have yet to heal. Memories weigh on our hearts, sometimes  leading to us walking around withdrawn from the world, incessantly...