old city wall alzey germany

I’m sorry I’m not who I want to be

We wander through the streets of the town that was my home the last couple of months. I don’t know this quarter. Old buildings with broken façades line our way. Every now and then I halt, pointing my camera at something that has caught my attention, moving around a bit in order to find the right frame. You wait patiently. You tell me things about our surroundings, historical background information about the quarter, an anecdote about the back road to our right, details of the...

signpost Roes Germany

Taking the path less traveled

After realization hit me while writing this post I stayed awake until 3am in the morning because my thoughts felt like celebrating a crazy party in my mind. I couldn’t shake it off anymore, this uncomfortable feeling of secretly ignoring something my subconsciousness wanted to tell me because listening to it would cause uneasiness. I don’t wanna study yet. After finally acknowledging it, I had the much dreaded talk with my dad. It was tearful, dramatic – and positive, at the end. The alternative to studying this...

road to nowhere Roes

A wake-up call to myself

I am an idealist and a dreamer. Luckily, I’m also a doer. Wonderful things have happened since I’ve actively started to follow my dreams but it’s hard to always keep them in mind. I came across this post from The Heart’s Quest – a welcomed reminder to stick to who I really am and what I want. Do yourself a favor – read it and watch the TED Talk! I want to be me, “all of who I am”. But what is...

little me eating durian

Countries I have called home

Since this blog is also about my experiences as a cosmopolitan (you can judge whether or not I can call myself one after reading this post) I thought a short biography would give you an overview of what my origins are and based on what experiences I’m writing. I was born in Singapore almost twenty years ago as the daughter of a Singaporean and a German. I lived there until 2003 and went to a German School, but I also spoke...