My first Goa party

So I went to my first Goa/Psytrance party. Almost sober. A friend asked me if I wanted to join and I said yes before really thinking it through because my first thought was yay! A new experience! When I thought about it again, I doubted my decision and almost wanted to cancel it. Psychedelic music and many people who belong to the same subculture I don’t belong to? Famous for consuming drugs? On the other hand, the party was for...

little me eating durian

Countries I have called home

Since this blog is also about my experiences as a cosmopolitan (you can judge whether or not I can call myself one after reading this post) I thought a short biography would give you an overview of what my origins are and based on what experiences I’m writing. I was born in Singapore almost twenty years ago as the daughter of a Singaporean and a German. I lived there until 2003 and went to a German School, but I also spoke...