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Jamaica, Saudi Arabia, Zambia. I like to look at my stats and see where my readers – you – come from. Algeria, Iraq, Pakistan. There are so many places I’ve never been to and might never visit. Cook Islands, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Jersey. Islands I couldn’t find if you gave me a globe and asked me to point them out.

Singapore, my birth place and one of my many homes. I feel strangely connected to the clicks from that place and wonder if you know that I kind of belong to you. And of course there’s the US, where most of you come from. This huge, diverse and conflicted country that both allures and scares me.

Then I try to imagine how your life looks like– what you eat for breakfast, in what kind of neighbourhood you live. What you do when you meet your friends, what you talk about. What you do for a living, how the public transport looks like. If you’ve already founded a family or if you’re still in school. Are you happy where you live or would you rather live somewhere else?

Hundreds of lives and stories whose paths will probably never cross meet at this little space in the web. My little space. It’s amazing, to be able to connect with people all over our precious planet. I know I sound like a broken record, but I’m so glad you’re following me on this journey. I honestly wouldn’t have made it this far without your encouragement and support.

And I love that no matter where you come from, your compassion and kindness are bigger than the differences. The most wonderful aspect is that it’s not just an online thing– this blog truly connects me with people from all over the world. Real life. Two years ago, I visited Diana in the Philippines. Last spring I visited Mariachiara in Italy and Arielle visited me in Switzerland this May. Also, last Christmas I exchanged christmas cards with Josh; it was my first letter from the US.

I hope I’ll get to meet more of you, someday. Definitely let me know if you’re coming to Switzerland 😊 You make the world feel like a smaller and more loving place. Thank you, guys.

✕ ✕ ✕

I’m wondering: Have you ever met other people from the blogosphere? How much do the connections you form via your blog mean to you? What does blogging mean to you?

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On another note: I saw I have regular clicks from Serbia. Well, I need YOU! I’m going to Belgrade for a photographic project this November and would greatly appreciate to have connections with a local who could help me out. So if you’re interested, please hit me up with a message, either via a comment or the contact form on my website. Thank you! 💞

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Model: Angeles (on film) ❤️


    1. It’s good to have friends all over the world <3 You're welcome to come visit me in Spain any time you want! (or in California if I happen to be there)

      1. It is! <3 Aw, thank you! I hope I'll have the money, California also sounds amazing :D gotta get a job asap haha

    1. I think about the same things. Here’s a few answers from the alluring and scary US.
      Breakfast: Cheerios or Raisin Bran.
      I live in a small town on a nice street with homes built in the 1950s. Lots of dog walkers and wandering cats.
      Talk with friends takes place over dinner at a restaurant and politely avoids politics and religion. (There is a general feeling that if we can just survive another four years, things will change. And a general understanding that we need to make a better effort to just get along.)
      I work as a landscape architect and help develop projects in parks and cities.
      We have buses for public transport. I haven’t been on a bus in a long, long time.
      I am happy where I live, but have a fantasy of living in a one-room apartment in an upper floor of an old building somewhere in South America, where I write novels with the window open during the day, and dance the tango with lovely senoritas under a string of incandescent lamps in the evening.

    1. If I ever go to Switzerland I will certainly let you know! You’re the only person from the blogosphere I’ve ever connected with in real life, and it was very exciting! It’s incredible how our sites serve as international hubs of a sort.

    1. Like we said, our paths will cross soon.

      I’ve made so many meaningful online connections, some through my blog – it’s what opens my mind to so many aspects of life I would’ve never known. Grateful <3

      1. I’m glad to hear that! It may sound stupid, but blogging has changed my life for the good and I’m also really grateful for it <3

    1. I’m so glad to be following on your journey, too! 💗💗 I love reading your posts! It’s so wonderful how you’ve connected with so many people all over the world! One day I hope to visit Switzerland, seems amazing.

      1. aww thank you so much, Hunida! <3 I'm glad I get to follow you as well :)) I hope you'll get to visit Switzerland, it's crazily expensive but amazing as well 😍

    1. Stunning pictures and an inspiring blog and window to your life / world, thanks for the like on my pages I’m only 2 weeks old in blogging so I appreciate the encouragement, it would be great if you could follow me please and I’ve just signed up to follow you :) warm wishes tamara

    1. You should check out the app Tandem! Another great way to talk with people from around the world, learn about cultures and help each other learn a new language!

      1. Hey Steven, thanks for the tip! I’ve only heard of ‘real life tandem’ so far but it’s interesting to know that there’s an app for it, too :D

    1. Awww this is probably one of my favorite posts of all time! It’s beautiful to think about the lives of all those visiting our blogs and what it was that brought them to read it. I have yet to make any truly deep connections through blogging (though I’m very happy to have found you!) because I haven’t been very good at sticking with it. I’m still practicing being open and honest in my postings and getting used to the idea of sharing all of my ideas.
      Thank you so much for sharing~!

    1. how lovely for you to make some friends all across the world through your blogger. I also have friends in american and australia i speak to everyday (i live in the UK) x

      1. yes, I’m really happy about that! it’s great that you have friends so far away that you speak to regularly!

    1. Reading from Maine here. That is one of my favorite parts of traveling, is the meeting of new people! :)

      1. ohh I just google Maine, what a beautiful place to live and grow up in! 😍 safe travels, Toby!

    1. Meeting new people through your blog is the best thing :) I met my best friend through my blog and we met three years ago in Amsterdam! Things like that are amazing x

      1. oh, it’s so awesome that you met your best friend through your blog and made a real-life-meetup happen! :D

    1. Hey, Monika. I haven’t been here in a long while, but I am glad to read this happy post from you. Keep doing what you do :)

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