365 Project – Week 9


A wonderful week, and at the same time my worst week recently. I had some great heights, including an unexpected nocturnal conversation with a stranger that lasted till the morning and feeling the comfort of my flatmates (and friends and classmates) in times of crisis. I embrace these positive memories tightly and hold them close to my heart.

On the other hand, there was the breakdown of my camera, accompanied by an almost-breakdown of my sanity. It’s exhausting to fluctuate between the extremes and in the chaos, I forgot the birthday of one of my best friends, not realizing it until she reminded me a week afterwards. No words can describe how awful I felt about it, but thankfully she’s amazing and has forgiven me quickly. <3

So I hope you enjoy the photos, they reflect the crazy week perfectly and deliver an honest insight into my life.

Have a lovely beginning of the week tomorrow and take care! :)

57/365 • short nights, long days, magical forests

Spent the small morning hours talking with an intriguing stranger, went to sleep way too late, woke up after three and a half hours to make some desserts (from Chocolate Covered Katie ♥) to share with my flatmates and returned to Lucerne to meet up with an Instagram-friend and take some photos.

It was raining all afternoon, but it made the forest just more beautiful. I’m so blessed to live next to this magical place. <3

Thanks Maurice for helping me with this photo :)

58/365 • privilege

“There are things some people do
Make my blood run cold
There are times I wonder why
I bother with this world

There are words some people think
Make me feel so sad
Watching human nature
Sinking deeper in the sand”
– Love Wins, Tom Chaplin


I’ve been so full of happiness lately and really appreciate my situation, but I’m painfully aware of my privilege and the thought of living in my happy, safe bubble while others are suffering and dying this very moment is very disturbing.

I’m not sure what I should add, every single word is evidence of how spoilt I am and I ask myself what I can do about it – I don’t want to continue living in my selfish little bubble, indifferent to everything around me.
It’s not necessarily about having a bad conscience – I just wished I could make the world a tiny little bit fairer. And my heart breaks every time I think what we humans have been doing to each other since thousands of years, with no end in sight.


At first sight, the photo isn’t really connected to the text since the editing is from this weekend and the text from last week. My first idea was to do something with a bubble, but it didn’t work out. But then, I think the photo is more optimistic, just like the overall message of the song I quoted above (“Love Wins”).

59/365 • my baby (=camera) died

I’ve never been more proud of having taken a picture than today.

Today was nerve-wracking, I struggled with different technical problems all day long while it’s been raining cats and dogs. When I got home in the evening I was unnerved, but of course I wanted to take the picture anyway.

So I tried to turn on my camera and had to realise that it had DIED. Probably because of the rain. Changing the battery, lens or SD card didn’t help.

Luckily my classmate Severin Pomsel Photography had borrowed me his camera for an assignment, so I had an unfamiliar Nikon camera, a tilt and shift lens (yes, laugh about that) and very little daylight to work with.

The result is super random, but then again I’m just happy I managed to take a photo.

I’m not sure how I’m going to continue this project while my baby isn’t working, but I’m surely going to find a way.

60/365 • highs and lows

My baby has to be fixed by a professional repair service, but luckily I was able to borrow a Nikon camera and lens from school. After a really challenging day, I arrived at home, distressed and just in time to catch the last daylight – when I realised I FORGOT THE LENS IN SCHOOL.

So I found myself with three Canon lenses and a broken Canon body and a Nikon body without a lens. Perfect! Totally unnerved, I surrendered. I had no means of taking a photo since my almost broken smartphone wasn’t an option.

Then my precious flatmate said he could ask his friend who lives in the same complex if someone in their apartment had a camera (at that point, any camera was fine for me). The daylight was gone, but it didn’t matter. I was so damn lucky they had.

I didn’t know what camera I’d be working with, but I hoped it had a flash so we could take a trashy photo outside to reflect my state of mind. It turned out to be a Canon point-and-shoot that shoots RAW as well – I was really lucky – so it worked out!! I smeared tons of eyeliner and some lipstick on my face for some extra drama and my flatmate and I had so much fun shooting this picture. I’m feeling way better now than after school, this project is wonderful!

These days are challenging, but it’s amazing how helpful and supportive the people around me have been. I appreciate their kindness so much, it’s wonderful to feel that people care <3 I guess every crisis brings out something positive as well 

61/365 • flatmates

A super random picture (very representative though) as a continuation of yesterday’s bush-photo :D

These beautiful souls made my first month in Lucerne amazing. I love coming back from uni, looking forward to talk with whoever is around. Thanks to them, I’ve been feeling at home within a short period of time.

Unfortunately our time together was very limited; it’s a pity that Kasane is leaving us. I wish you all the best, it was a pleasure to live with you <3

We’re getting two new flatmates this week. We haven’t met them, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll get along as well!

Thank you very much Samuel for patiently taking the picture of us! :)

62/365 • off-switch

Lately, I’ve been fluctuating between highs of pure joy and phases of (self-induced) stress and little crises.

Today was another tough day and I desperately wished for a switch to turn my chaotic emotions off for a while.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for feeling so much; I’d never want to do without the bubbly happiness I’ve been feeling lately and the intense lows are just a part of the deal. Feeling deeply makes me feel alive, but sometimes it’s simply exhausting – for me and the people around me.

I definitely have to find a way to get some balance in my life.

(Thank you Vera for helping me out with the drawing :D)

63/365 • comfort in company

I wished every Saturday started like today. We slept in, then I had banana pancakes and coffee with my flatmates – a super relaxed morning. Now I’m working on my personal projects while the two guys are working on an informatics task across from me.

I really appreciate not being alone, kinda weird I felt so comfortable living alone in Germany two years ago.

    1. I like #60! The point-and-shoot camera definitely captures a more gritty, grungy quality. It doesn’t look as polished, but it looks cool!
      I also really like the last one! Did you edit the colors after, or is that the actual colors of the leaves?

      1. Thank you for your kind feedback! :) I’m really surprised about how many people like #60, it was such a random shot and almost the day my project ‘failed’ :D the red definitely wasn’t as striking and there were other colours that distracted from it (in general I’d say never believe what you see in photos – not only in mine, but in general :D) have a lovely Sunday! x

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