365 Project – Week 8



This week I discovered the magical forest next to my place. I went there even though it was raining and the atmosphere was captivating, I was mesmerized. I saw some deers, got myself covered with dirt (Gollum-style) and felt gloriously alive. Also, I finally met my fellow blogger Ines in Berne – pretty much a fantastic week. Hopefully my photos show it, I’d love to hear your opinion :)

Have a wonderful weekend! x

50/365 • ordinary

I wanted to take something more daring for day 50, but unfortunately I totally forgot about it. I’m going to do something more emotional tomorrow – lately I’ve been reading novels and watching movies that touched me a lot and I want to convey those emotions.

51/365 • healing

I saw Bambi and its mum today! <3

It’s been raining all afternoon – normally a reason for me to stay inside, but I really wanted to put more effort in today’s photo. The first location was full of mosquitos, so I headed further into the forest.

First I wanted to hurry because I was getting wet and it was rather cold. But after a while, I fell in love with the sound of the rain around me and felt safe beneath the tall trees. So after taking my photo, I continued walking around, immerged in my environment, until I suddenly spotted a doe and its fawn like 50m away from me.

Frozen in motion, they stared at me while I stared back, awestruck. I’ve never been so close to wild deers. After a few seconds, I backed off, not wanting to bother them more than I already did.

The sound of the rain, the trees immersed in fog, the silent deers.. the beauty of nature is healing <3

52/365 • dreamy

Today is one of those days that leave me calm and happy. I made a trip back to the forest nearby where I enjoyed the absence of human noise, then I met a dear friend for dinner in Zurich and just had a good conversation with my roommate.

The worst part of the day were the seven spider-like creatures that didn’t mind the tons of insect repellent I covered myself with and happily crawled out of my hair when I got back from the forest :’D

53/365 • growth

When I found my room in Lucerne two months ago, I was a bit skeptical because I thought I preferred to live alone. But it was too perfect to say no, so I had to give it a chance. I told myself that in the worst case, I could still avoid my flatmates. But I was so damn lucky.

Today, I went out with my flatmate Vera again – to get some fresh air and take my photo.

Just two months ago, I NEVER EVER imagined I’d take a picture like this. I admired other artists doing that, but my sense of shame was too ridiculously high to do it myself.

However, Vera acts as if stripping in the forest for the sake of art was the most normal thing in the world. Her attitude makes it really easy for me to leave my comfort zone. Laying there on the cold, wet ground, dirt sticking to my skin, I didn’t feel uncomfortable for a second. Weirdly enough, it didn’t even feel challenging, but indeed very ordinary.

It’s so amazing to be around people that make you grow. <3

54/365 • self-perception (and confusion)

The other day, I caught myself staring at my reflection in the mirror in our uni, attentively tracing my features. You could think that my face would be very familiar to me because I’ve been photographing myself every day, but I look different in my everyday life; I felt like looking at a stranger.

Then today my classmates and I photographed each other for some assignments. And again, I looked so different. The thought that I look likethat for others while I perceive myself in a very different way was almost disturbing. How many versions of us exist? One, ten, a hundred?

It’s kinda weird (and yet fascinating), thinking that we have so many different faces and no real control over how others see us. To what extent does it influence who we are? Is how we perceive ourselves irrelevant since others see us differently anyway? How much does our face reveal about our personality, soul, essence – whatever you want to call it?

I’m not sure if I make sense, I’m pretty confused :D

55/365 • focusing on the present

Just like yesterday, I stayed in uni after everyone had left. Who knew I’d ever stay voluntarily on a Friday afternoon to do some work in advance? Anyways, for two hours, I printed meters of photos and neatly cut them apart. It’s really weird to be in a huge, deserted room. I let my mind wander off; in the process, a lot of thoughts came bubbling up.

The sushi dinner last Friday was like a spark. Ever since then, there’s this urge to build a new life here. I want to find people who make me want to stay during the weekends instead of running back home. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and want to see them – but it’d would be great to have a reason to stay in Lucerne as well, not having to think “I’m going home since nobody’s here to meet anyways”.

Maybe it’s some kind of ‘survival instinct’. I’d be torn between too many places if I didn’t focus on my present location and looked back too often instead. Just take my newest return from Uruguay as an example – I’d still be heartbroken if I kept living in the past.

Anyways, I’m going to visit a photography exhibition in Lucerne with my flatmate later (yes, it’s the first Friday I’m staying here) and am really looking forward. Starting a new life somewhere is fascinating.

56/365 • blogger friends

I met the blogger Ines in Berne today :)) it’s really amazing to meet up with people you know through blogging. Even though you’re seeing each other for the first time, there’s always a familiarity that makes you feel comfortable around each other, enabling you to let your guard down and simply be yourself.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay too long; I had a shoot with a cute middle-aged couple in a wonderful garden in my town. I was a bit worried first since I’ve never photographed anyone older than 30, but they did great and made things easy for me :)

All in all, tiring but really awesome day <3 thank you Ines for helping me with the photo x

      1. Definitely worth all the bugs! The problem’s just that I keep getting bitten by ticks as well, and they can be really dangerous :(

    1. The photos are fantastic! It’s magical.
      The narrative is also superb.

      Great job! Congratulations!

      1. Thank you very much, Andrei :)) I hope you’re doing well, take care and enjoy your weekend!

    1. Stunning photography :) Also this captured my thoughts: “Maybe it’s some kind of ‘survival instinct’. I’d be torn between too many places if I didn’t focus on my present location and looked back too often instead. Just take my newest return from Uruguay as an example – I’d still be heartbroken if I kept living in the past.”
      I am also in a LDR and it sucks, but I have to keep being in the present and looking forward – not backwards. Thanks for that :)

      1. hey Olivia, thank you very much! <3 oh, how often do you see each other? Yeah my love tends to look back more often than me and then I feel a bit like a unfeeling monster, but it's the way I cope and everything else wouldn't do me any good.. I hope you're okay, take care x

        1. Well haven’t seen him for 3 month now, but will see him for Christmas❤ and after that don’t know how frequently we will meet, but it will work out somehow :) I can understand your coping strategy! Definitely not unfeeling. Plus you seem to have a very good foundation having known each other for a long time, no? Thanks again, take care xx

          1. oh, then we have a very similar countdown! I hope that time passes quickly for you <3 yeah, where's a will, there's a way! What's your distance?
            Yeah we were friends during my exchange year in Uruguay (even though I tried all year to be more than that), luckily we found each other at the end :) what's your story? Can I find it somewhere? :) you too take care! xx

            1. Hope it does for you too! I try not to count down too early :) He is in Belgium and I am in Australia, so it’s a fair distance, quite similar to yours I think? Aw that’s really sweet! Well long story short, we met while he was on exchange in Australia, and we became really good friends and did a lot of travelling together. But soon we started developing feelings for each other, and we wanted to see where it would go :) I don’t feel as brave as you to blog about my personal life, maybe one day I’ll pluck up the courage too ;) xx

              1. Sorry for the late reply! wow, Belgium and Australia! Yeah it sounds like a similar distance (I guess at some point it doesn’t really matter anymore), but I believe your time difference is bigger?
                oh, great that you gave it a shot! <3 haha it doesn't have a lot to do with bravery when you convince yourself that nobody is interested enough to read that (and that those who surprisingly are won't judge) - I'd love to read about your personal life!! <3

                1. I don’t know, but the time difference is 9:30 hours…so it’s a fair difference! What’s your distance? Yes wouldn’t have done it differently, and in the end everything will be so worth it, even though it can be challenging sometimes, especially when you’re surrounded by coupled friends..haha.
                  You’re so encouraging, thank you! <3 You might just see something in the coming year then :)

                  1. wow, that’s a lot. We have, depending on summer/winter time, a difference of three to five hours. The shortest traveling time is like 16-17hs (including stopover), what about yours?
                    oh, don’t tell me anything about coupled friends! Luckily I barely have any, but once I do come across a couple I know I feel lovesick, haha
                    oh, don’t thank me! yay, I really hope so!! <3 (countdown - we'll see our loves in around five weeks!!)

                    1. Not too bad, but the daylight savings makes a hug difference! You get used to one time difference and then you have to adjust to the next one haha! Well to go home to London it is just under 23hrs including stopover, and just a few hours train to Brussels. But it’s ok as I do love travelling :)
                      Yep, most of my friendship group are couples, and sometimes they come to me for advice, and I’m thinking sure…haha
                      Oh my gosh, it’s getting close! <3 Do you get to see him for a long period of time?

    1. ah-amazing photos and reflections. :)
      Then today my classmates and I photographed each other for some assignments. And again, I looked so different. The thought that I look likethat for others while I perceive myself in a very different way was almost disturbing. How many versions of us exist? One, ten, a hundred? – sure I can relate to this. :D

      1. Thank you very much, Riz! <3 oh, do you wanna elaborate on your thoughts? :) I'd love to hear them!

    1. It was my pleasure to help with the photo, and although I love the forest shots & mood of those images – I really like the contrast the one from Bern brings to the series. More light and a big smile on your face :)

      1. oops, I didn’t see this comment, so sorry! hehe how couldn’t I smile with you around? :)) have fun in Lucerne tomorrow!!

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