365 Project – Week 7


You have to check out this week’s photos, there are so many new things I tried – from composite to an implied nude in the forest! :D Having to create something everyday pushes my boundaries and expands my horizon. Some fail partly, some fail completely – but then there are photos I really like, too.

The photo from day 46 means the most to me because it was a huge leap out of my comfort zone, but I also really like day 48 even though it was just a quick, random shot. Do let me know what you think of these photos! :)

As always, I’ve been uploading the images on FacebookInstagram and Flickr. If you want to stay updated, feel free to follow me there. I appreciate your support! :)

I hope you’re doing fine, take care x

43/365 • love from Uruguay

Sooo yeah. I promised something more creative, here it is – my first miniature photo! I know it’s obvious that I have zero experience with that, but whatever, we all have to start somewhere :)

Funny enough, I didn’t have that concept in mind when I shot the photos. I rather thought about something super simple like “reaching for the world”. However, while editing, I noticed that Uruguay was conveniently above me so I HAD to involve my love’s country :D

I’m definitely going to practice this more often :) this week might be more stressful though, so I’ll see what I can do.

44/365 • butterfly

Another unplanned photo; my first idea didn’t work out, so I had to think of something different. It’s not perfect, but I’ve spent way too long on this image – now I’ll just let it go :D

45/365 • motivation

The most random (and unfocused) photo so far, but whatever :D I was spontaneously asked to go to Zumba today. Since I really wanted to go, I had like ten minutes for today’s photo before I had to run to the bus stop (since the light would be gone by the time I was back).

It was totally worth it – we got lost and arrived late, but I enjoyed it so much! I haven’t been doing any sports for ages, so I’m pretty happy I finally overcame my laziness and didn’t use this project as an excuse :)

46/365 • liberation

Another photo that turned out very different than planned! I actually just wanted to show my back in today’s photo.

The idea of undressing in nature has freaked me out for the longest time; I was afraid that someone might pass by, what could lead to one of the most mortifying and uncomfortable situations I can imagine (like, what if someone took advantage of it, or ran off with my stuff, or whatever).

But then, my lovely roommate Vera spontaneously accompanied me and being with someone I trust made me feel safe. Since this location asked for a full-body photo and I wore jeans what don’t fit my photographic style, I finally took that leap out of my comfort zone.

And what should I say? It was scary, but incredibly liberating as well

47/365 • cozy bed

I’m not really convinced of today’s result. If someone has an idea how it could be improved, let me know in the comments or via message. I’d appreciate it a lot!

Anyways, I actually wanted to return to yesterday’s location since there was a hill with an amazing view nearby. However, it was drizzling and cold in the evening and since I haven’t been feeling very well today, I preferred my bed and will leave the hill for another day :)


48/365 • geographical isolation

Tonight, my roommates and I are going to have our first apartment-party together :) probably nobody I know is going to come; my friends home are too far away and the classmates I got to know better also don’t live nearby.

However, I don’t really feel weird about it, since I know many people are in the same position and don’t have a social circle here yet. I’m curious to see how the situation will be in half a year :) for now, I’m going to enjoyhomemade sushi with my roommates :D

49/365 • zombie day

Yesterday night was lovely. After the delicious dinner and lots of talking, I went with a roommate and two of his friends to a club, where we danced till 3am. There was lots of reggaeton, my favourite dancing music, what made me really happy since I missed it in Uruguay’s clubs.

I haven’t been out in a while and loved focusing on the music and dance, pushing worries about how I might look aside. I was also really comfortable with the people I was with, what I really appreciate because I’ve made different experiences as well.

It’s no surprise I’m feeling like a zombie today. My creativity is taking a break and I wished I could stay in bed all day, but well :D

This week’s favourite tune: Caught You Boy by Lana del Rey // I found this song by chance and the video really intrigued me. After some research I found out that the scenes are from the German movie “Freier Fall” (engl: Free Fall) from 2013. I watched it the same night and had to watch it again the next day because I loved it so much. You should definitely check it out if you like moving dramas :)

    1. Thank you for sharing about your work and your life. It opens a whole new world for me. I hope your party went well.

      1. I’ve never seen it that way – thank you for your feedback! :) yeah the party was the wonderful sushi party I blogged about last week. I’m a bit late with the weekly summaries.. take care, Alex :)

    1. It looks like you are really stretching your skills there and being challenged. I hope you are enjoying it. Thank you for sharing. Cheers!

      1. Thanks for your comment, Christopher :) yes it’s definitely fun, though sometimes it’s lacking in ideas and motivation :D I hope you’re doing well! Take care :)

    1. First of all, you are stunning! Makes every picture beautiful just because you are! thanks for showing up and being vulnerable for the rest of us. Its inspiring and you are going to grow exponentially! Great job and you are clearly very talented.

      1. Oh, thank you so much for your kind comment and the compliments! You are super stunning as well <3 loved your post and your voice, keep blogging that way :) take care and thanks for stopping by! x

    1. Love the photo over your shoulder with your eyes closed. You really captured a moment there is a perfect balance of tension and relaxation.

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