365 Project – Week 6



So this week was the first time I noticed some unconscious self-censorship. I’ve been more careful with my words ever since starting uni, but it frighten me to realise only afterwards that I didn’t write what I wanted to. On the other hand, it just emphasized the photo I took and makes it even stronger.

However, I have great news as well: This week I reached my goal of raising 777$ for clean water projects in Africa!! That’s so awesome, a huge THANK YOU to every single one of you who contributed <3 the campaign will be active till the end of the year, so if you haven’t donated yet, please consider donating. Click here to read more about the project! It’s an amazing cause and I really believe that every amount makes a difference, no matter how much you can afford to donate. It’d be awesome if we could raise some more money and help even more people :)

Anyways, back to my photography – as you can see in this set of images, currently I really have a crush on dark photos :) I hope you enjoy them! Take care and enjoy the rest of the week xox

36/365 • rested

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! :) This Sunday was very relaxed, I feel rested and can’t wait to learn new things this week. Also, my photographic season in Switzerland is about to start and I’m super excited!

37/365 • experiments

Super quick shot catching the last light rays of the day. I spent all evening fighting against some annoying technical issues; such a waste of time. Luckily it’s finally solved (for now).

So for this shot, I experimented with light/shadows and some new colours in Photoshop, trying to create a moodier image. Not sure how successful I was :D

Anyways, I’m planning to explore a new location tomorrow! I discovered it on my way to uni today and it looked so beautiful <3

38/365 • favourite place

Since there was no train to the location I found yesterday, I went to my favourite place instead. It was amazing.

I turned off my iPod when I left the bus in order to fully enjoy my environment. While I went uphill, there were hawks circling over me, the wind whispered in thousands of leaves and the sun gave the forest a golden glow. Distant cowbells let me know I wasn’t alone – even though I didn’t see another human soul, neither any houses.

It was just me and nature, and I couldn’t suppress the huge smile that spread over my face.

39/365 • how my introversion made me feel today

– no further words needed.

Edit: I’ve just realised that I’ve censored myself since I first posted it in Facebook where my classmates can see it too. So I’ll elaborate here.

I tried to mingle with the classmates with whom I haven’t talked much so far and failed miserably. I just sat/stood with them and listened to what they were talking about, but didn’t manage to say anything. I haven’t experienced that for a while (since Uruguay, to be exact – but back then I blamed the language barrier) and it felt horrible.

There was something that prevented me from speaking and I hate I couldn’t overcome it.

40/365 • happy

I struggled with fatigue today, but aside from that, I had a great day! I didn’t feel as awkward as yesterday, got the chance to talk to more people and had my first shoot since a month with gorgeous Rebecca who also helped me out with this shot <3

41/365 • evening shoot

I went to Biel to shoot the lovely Dana Music (who helped me with this shot) this evening :) Just when we were about to start the shoot, the skin above my upper lip started bleeding incessantly and A LOT – and it didn’t stop for hours, what was quite bothersome.

On my way back, an empathetic fellow traveller offered me a packet of tissues that he in turn got from a stranger because he suffered from nosebleed :D we talked till I had to get out and I’m glad that eventually something positive emerged from the issue :)

Aside from that, I’m really excited about shooting others again!

42/365 • conversation starter

I had a super exciting day! While doing an assignment for university in town, I got to talk to some interesting people. It’s amazing how a camera allows you to start a conversation with people you’d normally never ever talk to.

Then I actually wanted to meet up with my friend GAM Photography afterwards, but we had a silly misunderstanding about the meeting place and missed each other. Since it was planned that he’d helped me with today’s photo, I had to change my plans and hurry because of the fading light. At the end I just used a location I’ve used before – sorry about the repetition :D

Anyways, I’ve realised that shooting other people/things got me distracted, so that I haven’t been putting as much effort as I’d like into my self-portraits. I’ll try to come up with more creative things in the next few weeks!

Listen to my favourite tune of the week: Fools Gold by Passenger

    1. First, nice photos! I really think you are very pretty. Second, always take care when going alone somewhere or meeting up with people you still hardly know (not saying they’re bad, I don’t even know them, too). Third, yeah, that introverted thing is something I often have to climb out of. Ironically, my personality (ENFJ) is supposed to be an extravert, a people-person. If you have the time and are interested, try to take the Myers-Briggs Test. Don’t just take what you find online but get the actual test from them. Just as a suggestion. Might make you understand yourself more.

      1. Hey, thank you so much for your thoughtful and kind comment! :) about your second point: what made you write that? I’m not sure what you’re referring to, though you’re definitely right! Unfortunately I tend to be very naive and trustful – luckily it hasn’t gone wrong so far, but I guess I was really lucky at times.
        I’m going to check out the Myers-Briggs-test! I think I’ve done a similar test before, though I’m not sure how good it was since it was just an online test. Thanks for the recommendation :)

        1. Hi! Regarding the second part, well, you seem to go alone somewhere many times or meet up alone with people for the first time, I think (again, let me emphasize that I’m not pointing at anyone in particular). Just gave the rule of thumb as advice: be careful. That said, it’s nice to spend alone-times and also nice to meet with new people.

          Regarding the test, took the online one once and I found it lacking, especially because they didn’t have enough questions. That is why it is better to purchase a copy of the whole test. I only got my result because the office had a copy of the complete questions. The pages on ENFJ gave me goosebumps–so spot on! In case you want to know what happened, here’s my post about me taking the test: Miss Personality

          1. Hey! :)
            haha yeah, indeed I do that very often – I’m trying to be careful, but I do tend to be very trustful. I just think that the really bad things can happen to you no matter how careful you are, so I prefer to stay open.

            Thanks for leaving the link! I’ll take a look at it :) take care x

    1. I second everything J.GI Federico said.

      I, too, have always been introverted. And yes it can be painful. But I think that handicap, that level of reflection and introspection helps me to write. Likely you are a deep thinker, Monika. Keep writing. :)

      About water, I recently read of a simple new device called Waterseer that supposedly can extract up to 11 gallons a day just from condensation in the air (water vapor is a major gas in the atmosphere). Others though have doubts and are calling it a scam. Anyway, just thought I’d mention it.

      1. Thank you so much, Ron!

        I guess you’re right, introverted and thus rather observant people probably tend to make good writers. I guess that’s why I’ve started blogging and why some people feel attracted to my blog :)

        That’s an interesting input! I’m going to google it later :) have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hi Monika,

      40/365 • happy – is my favourite. Loved the branches around you… the happy or vulnerable you… I found you more vulnerable than happy.

      Excellent shots as usual. Didn’t understand about “unconscious self-censorship” and the two lines concerning it. Clarify if you feel like.

      Regards, CP

      1. hey Chiradeep :)

        I totally agree with you, the photo expresses vulnerability than happiness. But I felt very happy that day, doing what I love and being able to do it, thus the caption :)

        Thank you for the compliment!

        Well, normally I think twice about what I want to write and how I write it, because I know I can’t be 100% open. That day I first wrote “no further words needed” and only afterwards realised that I wanted to describe the situation (the “edit”) but didn’t consider doing it because of who might read it. So I added the edit here and in Flickr, but left it “censored” in Facebook where the people would read it. I hope you get what I mean :)

        Take care! :)

      1. Thank you! :) Do you mean nur 37? I stood in the shadow of some trees that covered the lower part of my face :D have a wonderful weekend! <3

    1. Monika— you are a true natural beauty. My goodness! What background are you? My guess is maybe half Filipino but I may be wrong. I’m just really curious because you are truly a rare beauty :)

    1. Haunting, ethereal and from the heart – the way all Art should be – and never worry about the self-doubt, it’s what will, sometimes eventually but always in the end, drive and improve your creativity ^^

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