365 Project – Week 4



I survived the introduction week in uni in Lucerne! Actually it was totally chill, but I did get a glimpse of what they’re going to expect of us and I know that it’ll be very challenging. It’s quite fascinating to notice how I try to find out what they want and adapt to it; just a week has gone by and I’ve already started to think a bit differently.

Also, I moved to Lucerne and my roommates are super nice. I really can’t wait to get used to my new life and get to know everybody around me. I hope you had a wonderful week <3

22/365 • goodbyes

A last photo through my old window. I spontaneously decided to move to Lucerne today and have been procrastinating both taking today’s photo as well as packing.

Today was a chill day. I finally took up editing and blogging again. It’s SO MUCH FUN when you don’t have to wait ages for your laptop to react. Also, I felt so comfy that I didn’t bother using my contacts so many might see me with specs for the first time :P (Edit: oops, just noticed that I also wear them in the airport photo)

23/365 • blessed

Today, on my way back home from the welcome ceremony of university, I looked at the hills and mountains surrounding Lucerne and realised once again how blessed I am.

I live in a beautiful, safe city and get to study what I dreamt of. I’ve found my passion. I live a life I love and I’m incredibly happy. How many people on Earth can claim the same?

Someday I want to create something that brings more justice to this world. In the meantime, I’ve set up a campaign for my birthday at charity: water to change the lives of a few by making sure they get access to clean water. Do you want to be a part of it? Click here to make a donation: Give Me Water for My 21st Birthday

100% of the donations go directly into clean water projects! Every amount counts. Help me help others – it’s an amazing thing to do <3

24/365 • black and white

I totally forgot to post this one from last Tuesday. Took it after uni when I reached home, exhausted after a long walk.

I have those huge windows and an inviting white wall in my room in Lucerne. They tempt me to stay inside after a long day and take simple shots, playing with light and shadows.

This is my first black and white photo. I literally don’t know anything about it and never understood its magic, so I used to avoid it. But now I think it’s time to learn as much as I can, no matter how interesting it seems at first sight (sounds like uni is already making me more open-minded). Who knows, maybe I’ll fall in love with it.

25/365 • introvert

I’ve changed a lot during the last few years, but I guess there’ll always be a constant: I’m not a “group person”.

It seems like a large part of my class is integrating and it’s just not my thing to participate in group conversations and do stuff extroverts do. It’s a bit frustrating. But then, four years ago I was in a similar situation and it turned out fine – so I shouldn’t be too worried, I guess.

Are there more introverts experiencing that? Or are you rather an extrovert enjoying those situations?

26/365 • unraveling

My studies haven’t even really started yet and I already feel like who I am and my life are unraveling. Big changes are coming, but I have no idea what I’m supposed to expect.

I re-edited this photo to try a new technique in Photoshop. I know it’s far from perfect, but I definitely feel like experimenting more editing techniques in the next few days/weeks :)

Saw some familiar faces tonight, had some dearly missed conversations and it made me feel so much better. <3

27/365 • beginning of autumn

Autumn has officially started yesterday (I always thought it starts the 23rd of September, today – my bad!), so I felt like taking a moody photo. It’s my first composition and there’s SO MUCH to learn, but I really can’t wait to explore all the possibilities! <3

28/365 • birthday girl

So today I turned 21 and spent the afternoon with wonderful people. It made me so happy to see them all united <3 of course I couldn’t help but to bake several vegan cakes from the amazing Chocolate Covered Katie :D

They were also eager to help me out with my campaign at charity: water. I’m so grateful for their support!

I still have to add their donation to the website, but with their help, I’ve raised 70% of my goal. That’s awesome! You can help me to achieve the goal of raising 777$ and help 25 people getting clean water! It’s still on for a couple of weeks.

Click here to help people get access to clean water!

100% of the donations go directly to clean water projects in Africa :)) help me change the world one step at a time!

    1. Love your photos! And I love your this new 365 challenge and the consistency with which you are doing it and not just doing it but doing it great. Also, do you click all the photos? How do you click photos of yourself with such perfection? And what camera do you use?

      1. Thank you so much for your kind feedback! haha there are days in which I’m just ‘doing it’ and not really great, but for me it’s not about perfection but to actually pull it through. I use a tripod – at the beginning focusing correctly drove me crazy (and at times, it still does), but luckily, I’m more efficient now. It’s important to know what shot you want to get so you don’t waste time trying different things :) I use the Canon 5D Mark II and have three different prime lenses – but to be honest, I don’t think it matters. Check this out: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rosie_hardy/albums/72157604736073126/with/2442207485/ Rosie took all those photos with a pretty basic camera and lens, and yet her creativity is amazing. And while you’re at it, do check out her newer photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rosie_hardy/ she’s amazing, isn’t she? :D
        Have a wonderful week! <3

    1. Interesting project!
      I also like taking photos.
      I will follow the blog to see the project development!
      Good luck and all the best!

      1. Thank you so much! Good luck on your photographic journey as well and have a wonderful week! :)

    1. Hi Monika :)
      I have been following your 365 project on social media but haven’t commented lately. Kudos to you for committing to post a self portrait every day – wow! I follow a blog of a girl who did it for 5 years straight!! Can you believe it?
      I just donated to your campaign, I wanted to do it on the day of your birthday but then it slipped my mind… Now I finally did it, it’s not much but I hope it helps reaching your goal. Such a kind thing to do <3
      I'm happy to read that everything is going well in Lucerne, enjoy the journey!

      1. Hey Ines,
        Thank you so much for your kind comment! :)) Yeah when it comes to my project, I’m actually pretty concerned when I think of uni and the short winter days (thus less daylight), but I hope I’ll come up with something.
        wow, five years straight! Can you send me a link? I can imagine she’s having a hard time to stop since after a while, it becomes a part of your everyday life. Though five years does sound quite hardcore :P
        And thank you very much for the donation!! <3 I appreciate it a lot and am pretty close to my goal now :)) I really think that every amount is important since it's the sum that counts :)
        I hope you're doing fine as well! <3

    1. How fabulous to live in Lucerne ..you are in the country with the last clean pure water on earth..Switzerland owns the Rhone and the Rhine and protects the environment ..good for you for wanting to share your lucky gift with the world…water. Happy birthday

      1. Hi Pamela, thank you for your comment! Switzerland is indeed a very clean and beautiful country, though I’m doubtful about the “last clean pure water” part. But I know that I’m very lucky and privileged to be able to live there! Have a wonderful weekend :)

    1. Hi Monika! :) Keine Ahnung, ob Du dich noch irgendwie an mich erinnern kannst. Ich war wohl seit einem Jahr nicht mehr auf WordPress. Aber ich hab vor kurzem mal an Dich gedacht und wie es Dir wohl geht! Und WOW – es ist toll, was Du schon alles geschafft hast! Es ist so schön, Dich so glücklich zu sehen. Und ich liebe übrigens Deine Fotografie, Deine Bilder werden wirklich immer besser. Super Arbeit, mach immer weiter so! Viele liebe Grüße aus Bayern! <3 Elli :)

      1. Hallo liebe Elli! Ich hoffe, du siehst das noch – es tut mir schrecklich leid, dein Kommentar ist irgendwie untergegangen, dabei habe ich mich riesig darüber gefreut wieder von dir zu hören! Natürlich kann ich mich noch an dich erinnern :) wie geht es dir denn? Vielen Dank für deine liebe Nachricht und die Komplimente <3 alles alles Liebe aus Luzern! <3

    1. Love your photos–I am a fan of B&W pics and I do love colors as well, so I appreciate everything. Your face changes, too, when you smile. Meanwhile…

      O…M…G…That pic with the specs!!! You look so much there like my fave comedienne Janeane Garofalo in her younger days!!! Please do not be offended in case you are. I love her look (pre-tattoos, but that’s her prerogative; heck, my husband has tattoos!). Can’t find an image of her with specs and smiling like your slight smile, though…Others may disagree, but that pic caught me off-guard.

      1. I’m sorry for my late reply! Thank you so much for your lovely comment :))

        haha I checked her out – there is indeed some kind of similarity (and I’m definitely not offended :D) Tattoos can be pretty awesome! Funny that I reminded you of a someone you like so much. Take care and have a lovely weekend! x

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