365 Project – Week 3



Last week was very emotional. Seven days full of tears and stress, but also happiness and laughter. Saying goodbye to my love, meeting my new classmates, seeing my old friends.. I think the photos reflect the rollercoaster very well. Also, I’m heading to my room in Lucerne this evening! I haven’t met my roommates (nor have I seen my room) yet so I’m quite curious how everything will unfold. Life’s an adventure, and I love it.

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and wish you all the best for your week ahead! <3 Tomorrow’s my first day of university :D

15/365 • spring

Spring has begun here – just when I’m about to leave and enter European autumn. We had a lovely, sunny day in Mercedes and took a nap in the warm afternoon light. It feels like my first real day of spring with him; usually our time together is bound to the winter.

My days are full of ice cream, Homeland and cuddle sessions and I couldn’t wish for more. A lovely last weekend in Uruguay.

16/365 • last day

It’s our last day together. It has been so grey all morning and now the rain is pouring down, as if to mourn our coming separation.

I planned a different photo for today, but it didn’t work out and if it wasn’t for my love and his endless patience, I’d have lost my head. I’m so grateful he’s willing to join me in this project.

Nonetheless, it was the most perfect last day. Getting Chinese food, cuddling, watching Homeland while eating delicious big, fat brownie cookies (from Chocolate Covered Katie) made by my love.. what else could I wish for?

17/365 • airport selfie

My camera turns out to be more difficult to use than I thought, so we had to take a rushed selfie, just minutes before I went through the security. While taking this picture I rather felt like crying, kinda weird I look so happy.

I guess in some way I was. We had a perfect last morning together and it felt like the right moment to leave. The last two and a half months on his side were amazing. Love is the most beautiful and powerful thing on Earth.

18/365 • home

This is the fourth time leaving my love in Uruguay, but I’ve never cried so much before. Just thinking about all the upcoming changes and knowing that I won’t be able to feel his reassuring hugs whenever I need it made me tear up. Without him, I don’t feel complete.

This is how I look after traveling 26 hours and barely getting any sleep. I didn’t know where I should take the photo so I just jumped into the familiar bush in front of my window.

19/365 • exhausted

Had my first unofficial day in uni today after getting four hours of sleep last night. I was exhausted when I sat in the train this morning, anxious about how my classmates would be and if I’d able to integrate.

But I didn’t have to worry. The people I’ve talked to are super lovely and I’m looking forward to getting to know them. :))

Still, I can’t wait for the weekend to come to finally get some rest and catch up with the past couple of 365s. Also, I’m getting a new laptop so editing can finally be fun again! I’m already known as the one with the super slow and almost-dead laptop haha

20/365 • don’t be afraid of failure

Got the keys for my room in Lucerne today and felt great because everything worked out the way I wanted. It didn’t last very long though. The stress and exhaustion of the last days caught up, I got into the wrong train and so forth.

So I had a little breakdown when I finally reached home and definitely didn’t feel like taking a photo, but the will to pull this project through is strong. I’m not afraid of posting uncreative photos/failures, because they’re simply a reflection of my state of mind and I know that better days will come.

21/365 • beauty vs. vulnerability

I actually took a different photo for today. My dearest friend Christin helped me with a clean, pretty shot at the river. It depicted my lovely day (finally getting a new laptop, having tea with a lovely exchange student from Ecuador and catching up with my bestie afterwards) very well. A classic, neat photo without any edges.

However, my mood changed in the evening when I was supposed to meet my high school friends. For some reason, every cell within me screamed for wandering the empty streets on my own instead of being with people. I felt a strong desire to lie on the street, watch the clouded sky and just .. exist. The feeling was overwhelming. It drove me crazy.

So I unpacked my camera again and decided to go for a more experimental shot. I chose this photo over the one from the afternoon because even though it might be less pretty, it feels more real.

(fun fact: I’m actually quite scared of taking pictures alone at night, you never know who you might encounter. well, two little girls riding bicycles (alone! at night!), maybe seven years old, found me and curiously started asking questions and followed me around. Kinda weird/funny/worrying that I’m more scared in the dark than them.)

    1. I think Lucerne is a pretty safe place to wander alone at night. These pictures from your last days together are so great. It’s nice to see how happy two people in love can be <3
      By the way, random question but probably obvious: you speak Spanish, right?

      1. It wasn’t in Lucerne, but in quiet neighborhood in a little village next to mine – definitely very safe, but I’m a scaredy-cat (?) so yeah :P

        Thank you so much! <3 Yes, I've never imagined I could be in a relationship that's so healthy and happy. I certainly wish that everyone could find his/her other half!

        Don't worry, it's not that obvious - yes, I learnt Spanish during my exchange :)

      1. Thank you very much, Christopher! These are definitely very challenging and exciting times.

    1. Hire me as your bodyguard :p I might be tiny but somehow intimidating enough that people at 2 am would change the side of the street because of me hahaha
      I couldn’t imaging having a LDR just like you have! I respect you for still being strong and able to stay together!
      Plus I’m super jealous of your writing skills! I feel like a toddler compared to you, how you choose your words wisely and everything has such a nice flow :o and there is me using the same word three times in one sentence hahaha

      So much looove <3

      1. hahah really? awesome you don’t have to be afraid at night ;D though I do think I seem like a creep with my tripod, taking photos of myself .. wouldn’t be surprised if people also decided to change the side of the street because of me :P
        Thank you so much! <3 a LDR is definitely not everyone's thing, I'm glad my love and I can pull it through :) though it's amazing you've been together for so long! <3
        haha whaaat my writing skills in English are so random, I'm so much better at expressing myself in German. But I'm really happy to hear that, thank you! <3 and I think your posts have a flow as well! :D

        Lots of love back!! <3

      1. Thank you so much for your kind comment and following! <3 have a wonderful Sunday :)

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