365 Project – Week 2



Hello my loves, I’m sorry I’m so late with this post! The last days were crazy. I spent my last days in Uruguay with my love, traveled 26 hours back to Switzerland and university has finally started! Of course I’m going to elaborate on everything in another blogpost, for now I just want to share the pictures of the second week with you :)

As before, I’ve been uploading the images on Facebook, Instagram and Flickr and it’s like a visual diary. If you want to stay updated, feel free to follow me there. I appreciate your support!

Also, thank you so much for your lovely feedback to my last post! You make me so happy. Seriously, you are the best. I’m sending you huge hugs from Switzerland <3

8/365 • holiday feeling

As always when trying something new, there’s a lot to improve. I definitely gotta work on my composition when it comes to photos in a more casual style.

Anyways, this weekend felt like mini holidays (I know, technically I’ve been having holidays for two months, but it’s not the same) and it was amazing to get out of the city for a while.

9/365 • melancholia

It’s been raining all day, so here’s fittingly a moody indoor shot.

Today was a good day. I woke up to some lovely comments and messages, had a shoot in the morning, finished reading a novel set in Myanmar and made a vegan vanilla pudding.

Time passes way too quickly, my last week in Uruguay has started.

10/365 • having the blues

Another grey, rainy day in Montevideo. It affects my mood; I’d like to spend all day in bed and avoid seeing anybody.

But I have two shoots planned, so I have to go out and meet people. I’m in high spirits when I return; sometimes it’s good being forced to do something you’d rather avoid.

11/365 • monotonous

Definitely didn’t feel like taking another photo of myself today, but well. I tried to take a more close-up portrait to do something different and failed. It’s definitely going to be an outdoor photo tomorrow, can’t see myself in front of a white wall anymore. :D

12/365 • the good life

Late night McFlurrys, sleeping in, having Chinese food I dearly missed for lunch, binge-watching Homeland.. I’m enjoying the last few days with my love to the fullest.

13/365 • solitude

Sometimes you can’t help but feel incredibly lost. You have loved ones all over the world, never united; you’re home at several places and have to choose one over the other all the time.

You deal with it by enjoying the present, living in the moment. Focus on the people you’re with, the place that surrounds you. Not wishing for something else because you’re blessed with everything you’ve got.

But at times it’s not possible. Something happens and your mind slips away from the present and the place where you are, wandering off somewhere far away. Thinking of moments long gone or events that have yet to happen. You lose the connection to the people around you. YOU are lost.

You feel like the loneliest person on Earth even though you know you have no reason to.

14/365 • inseparable

My love chose this photo. I’d have preferred a different one since my smile doesn’t look too photogenic here, but he said he likes it because it’s real and not staged and perfect. Hearing that made me love him even more. I’m so glad he embraces me the way I am, with all my imperfections.

We returned to Mercedes for the weekend. Time’s running and all I want to do is feel his arms around me and hold him tight.

    1. He’s right–your smile on the last one just radiates happiness and charm. I love it!! Y’all look so cute!

      1. Thank you so much, it makes me happy to hear that! :)) btw let me know when you’re planning to come to Switzerland, maybe you can stay at my place in Lucerne (gotta talk to my roommates first, but I think it should be okay) :D

    1. It’s good to hear from you! It seems like you have a lot going on right now, so I appreciate you taking the time to update us all on how you’re doing :)

      1. Thank you for your comment, Josh :) This week, I’ll make some time to finally answer your message. I hope you’re doing fine as well, hugs from Switzerland!

    1. Hi Monika!

      I’m happy you’re doing well and excited for you starting university. You and your Love are so beautiful together. How wonderful to have someone who loves and supports you. :)

      I also have trouble focusing on the present. I overthink too much about almost everything!

      1. Hi Tangie!

        Thank you so much for your lovely compliment :) yes, I’m incredibly grateful for that and know I’m very lucky!

        I hope you’re doing well <3 hugs from Switzerland!

    1. All the pictures are great. My favorite is 10th day… there’s kind of serenity on your face than feeling blue…😂

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