365 Project – Week 11



Hello, my loves! <3

I know I know, this post is super late. I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to share my self-portraits. I’ve been in a creative slump and it’s giving me a hard time.

These are the photos from one month ago, partly taken during my trip in Paris. Gosh, I’m so glad it’s over. And yeah, I know two photos are missing – I haven’t been able to bring myself to publish them yet :/

I hope you enjoy one or the other anyways.

Have a lovely evening and take care! x

72/365 • self-doubt

Self-doubt has been killing my creativity lately. Justifying this project time and again (first to myself, now to my teachers) is harder than I thought.

I’ve been withholding some photos because they’re simple and boring, but then I realised that this one of the things this project is about: to show honestly that not every day is great, that things sometimes simply suck – and that it’s nothing to be ashamed of. So I’ll post them once they’re edited.

This photo resulted from a really random moment, but I like it because it’s something different. I guess I should embrace these random moments more often.

73/365 • love

Brunch with this wonderful friend the day before going to Paris. I don’t remember how often she’s prevented me from breaking down in the last four years, always caring, listening, understanding.

74/365 • When in Paris (I)

When in Paris, take a photo in a bush that could be anywhere?!

It’s a grey day. Trump is elected, Paris is wet and grey and there’s no time to do our own thing; we hurry from one place to another (hence the rushed bush photo).

I know I’m ungrateful, but I’d rather save the money and be in Lucerne. I hope tomorrow will be a better day.

Thank you Tanja for helping me out!!

75/365 – When in Paris (II)

When in Paris, take a photo in front of a shabby wall that could be anywhere..

1.30am, exhausted after nine hours spent within museums and tipsy after three glasses of wine (thank you Tanja for having the patience to help me out anyway <3).

Being around people 24/7, walking around for hours and trying to take in the information overload is more exhausting than I expected. Two more days to go.

76/365 • When in Paris (III)

I felt like I HAD TO get a touristy shot with the Eiffel Tower just to prove that I wasn’t making my Paris trip up (after the random bush and wall photos that could be taken anywhere :D).

We actually got some free time during lunch, so I strolled around with two classmates before going to Paris Photo. Thank you Anna-Tia for this shot!

      1. haha yeah, right? I think I really showed the best sides of Paris in my photos :P

    1. Love the picture at the Musée de l’Armée. You have a great smile and look quite lovely/happy.
      Self-doubt? Well, just remember: you are your worst enemy. :)
      And that holds for all of us. re- :)
      You have doubts? Who doesn’t?
      But then have you counted your blessings today?
      (One of which is being in Paris, grey and damp as it is…)
      Be good and smile at your doubts. Pfff… they will go away.
      (At least some)

      1. I’m sorry for my late reply – thank you for your comment :)
        You seem to be familiar with Paris, I had no idea where I was on said smiling photo haha
        I’ve definitely become a very positive person and appreciate all the little details in my life – those days in Paris were just a short low – *because* I was there, *not despite* of Paris. Sometimes I don’t make sense :D

        1. Making sense? Don’t worry. The world doesn’t make much sense. We just have to tread along and enjoy what we can. Go back to Paris in the summer. (I lived there for 10-15 years, and I go back every year) :)

          1. awesome that you lived in Paris, I imagine it’s a lovely place to live in! I was there in summer a couple of years ago and loved it :)

    1. Haha I love how you went to Paris and only took one shot with a well-known landmark! In fact I think it’d be a great idea to go to Paris, arguably the most touristy city in the world, and take photos of ordinary Parisians in ordinary locations. It would be delightfully ironic :)

      1. haha yeah, that trip really wasn’t my thing :D hmm “ordinary Parisians in ordinary locations” – sounds like something a documentary photographer would do? :) I’m sure the result could be really interesting!

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