365 Project – Week 10



Time flies like crazy! Autumn has finally come, bringing beautiful colours I was able to use for some of my shoots (if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you probably already have seen some photos). In fact, the two shoots I had this week were one of my favourite ones ever, especially the one with a guy in front of my lens! :) Also, my dear blogger friend Karina visited me in Lucerne and we had a lovely cosy time together.

As before, I’ve been uploading the images on FacebookInstagram and Flickr. If you want to stay updated, feel free to follow me there. I appreciate your support!

I hope you’re doing well and enjoy the pictures :) take care, hugs from Switzerland! x

64/365 • lazy Sunday

One of those days your to do list is long but you’re lazy and procrastinate for ages. At the end, I had to rush back to Lucerne to be in time for a late dinner – my flatmate made some delicious quinoa salad :D

Also, we finally met one of our two new flatmates and he’s super nice, yay! :))

65/365 • expiry date

I really wanted to get another shot with these colourful leaves because I have no idea how much longer they’ll last.

It applies to so many things in life. When I’m with my love, I savour our time together, knowing it’ll eventually come to an end. Or right now, I’m clinging to this unexpected happiness, a bit scared it’ll slip away too soon. I know it can’t last.

And yet the expiry date makes things so much more precious and/or beautiful, just like these transient autumn leaves. I hope you can appreciate it too.

Thank you for the photo, Vera <3 next time we’ll shoot a nude again :P

66/365 • how motivation doesn’t look like

An uncreative photo, shot early in the morning, for an uncreative day. I have to work on a presentation without knowing what’s actually expected, so you can imagine I’m not really looking forward.

67/365 • self-therapy

I returned from uni charged with negative emotions and it seemed impossible to calm down. Special circumstances ask for special measures, so at night, I went to the forest – welcoming the cold rain caressing my face – and spent some time photographing in the quiet darkness.

I tried not to freak out since I’m horribly imaginative and see things that aren’t there in the dark, but it did great to focus on something else for a while and I returned a bit calmer.

68/365 • upward

A wonderful day – two shoots, some sports, lots of nature and later dinner with my flatmates and friends <3

Today’s photo is the first that was fully directed and taken by someone else (I did the editing though). The photographer was Maximilian who I photographed and who was AMAZING in front of the lens!! :D I really can’t wait to share his photos with you, it’s so awesome to have a super expressive guy in front of the lens :))

69/365 • the horror

One of my best friends asked me kindly if I’ve forgotten her birthday last week and to my greatest horror, I realised that I DID. Me, who remembers the birthday of almost any random person I’ve met. I’m so glad she has a big heart and has forgiven me quickly, but I had to think about it all morning.

Then I had a talk with one of my teachers and my homework is to ‘defend’ my 365 project. I appreciate it, since I’ve been justifying it to my doubtful self all the time and now I finally have a reason to gather all my arguments in an organized way.

70/365 • blogger friends

Karina and I met online five years ago when I was in Uruguay and had my first blog (a brutally honest and unvarnished one). We immediately got along and, funny enough, she lived in the same tiny little town as my grandparents where I also ended up living.

Since five years, we’ve been reading each other’s blogs and also met up a couple of times; it’s amazing to be with someone who knows about your worst lows and doesn’t judge anyways.

The best thing though is to look back and realise how far both of us have come, successfully fighting our inner demons that have kept us from feeling alive for too long. <3

    1. It’s great to be able to keep up with you through this 365 project, Monika! I also had a comment about the following line:

      “I returned from uni charged with negative emotions and it seemed impossible to calm down. Special circumstances ask for special measures, so at night, I went to the forest…”

      I’ve also had times when I just could not focus on my to-do list. Taking a time out in nature is usually quite helpful in those circumstances, since it gives me a chance to think. I wonder if this is true for other people as well?

      1. oh, it’s great to hear from you again, Josh! I was thinking of you recently. I hope you’re doing well – I’m really super sorry I haven’t replied to your message yet :/

        I’m pretty sure that nature is healing for many people, but I guess not everyone has an access to it or might feel too lazy to go out there? I belonged to the second group until I found photography..

        Take care! Hugs from Germany :)

        1. Thanks Monika! Don’t worry about the message, I’m super busy right now and would likely find it difficult to respond anyway! But I’m grateful that I can still keep up with you through your blog :)

          1. Yeah, I’m really grateful can check out each other’s blogs to stay updated – though I’ll definitely send you a message soon to find out some details that can’t be found on your blog :D espero que estés bien, cuidate! :)

      1. Thank you so much for your faith in my project, but unfortunately my teacher really seems to dislike it :P

      1. yeah, autumn colours are amazing! <3 thank you - I wanna to re-do 67 again, it can definitely be improved :D have a lovely Sunday!

      1. Thank you very much! :) hmm there should be a follow button at the right bottom of my page, before you scroll? Or you can go to Reader > Followed Sites > manage > and enter my URL to follow me :)

        Have a lovely evening!

    1. These photos are gorgeous. The light is amazing. I particularly like The Horror; it has a shocking sense of vulnerability and appeals to me the most. Self-Therapy is also one of my favourites and seems to offer me hope.

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