🌲 explore my beloved forest at least once a week till I know it by heart [on pause because of ticks]

🏔 go hiking with friends

🌌 marvel at the night sky

✨  say yes more often

🌊 stay in a little house next to the ocean for a week

🌿 take more naked self-portraits in the woods [on pause because of ticks]

🏞 use my train ticket and travel across Switzerland once a month [in progress <3]



💃🏻 dance more often [in progress ❤️]

🎶 discover a new band every week

📸 document my life with photos [in progress ❤️]

🌟 find and fearlessly be my real self [in progress ❤️]

⚖ find my inner zen

💇🏻 get the hair I want

🕯 minimalism

🔮 pay attention to the hidden magic in life

🍃 practice mindfulness

📖 read at least one book per month (1/12) ❌

📝 resume my positivity notebook. daily. (15/365) ❌

💁🏻 stop caring about expectations [in progress ❤️]

🖊 write a lot [in progress ❤️]

💌 write more letters



⏰ develop a healthy sleeping pattern ❌

🚴🏻 do sports three times a week ❌

🍌 drink more smoothies

🍎 feed my body with more fruits and veggies

🛀🏻 get enough rest



💞 strive for real connections beyond superficialities. talk about meaningful things. [in progress, so happy about it! ❤️]

❤️ always let people know how much they’re appreciated [in progress ❤️]

💛 take the little extra step to make people happy [in progress ❤️]

💚 more hugs and less fear of being touchy-feely [in progress ❤️]

💙 be a better girlfriend and work on my short temper

💜 take good care of my relationships – both friends and family

💖 connect with fellow creatives and bloggers [in progress ❤️]


Personal & Professional Goals.

🇩🇪 continue my long-term photo project in Germany

🖥 create a photography website I love [in progress ❤️]

💰 get a regular income

📷 improve my photography skills

🖋 improve my writing skills [in progress – I’m taking a creative writing course]

📚 invest more time in my studies

🌸 learn more about design

🌺 learn how to braid

🎞 start taking analogue photos

🗺 take a language course [in progress – I’m taking a Chinese A2 course]

💆🏻 take a massage course

📽 take up a new project outside my comfort zone – e.g. create a video

💻 work on my blog [in progress ❤️]

📱 work on my social media presence