02 January 2017



I’m supposed to do a hundred things for uni, but I’m treating myself some extra days of vacation instead. Probably sounds familiar to the most of you.




Anyways, today was a lovely day for the following reasons:

      1. My love, Robin and I had late breakfast while the sun was shining through the big living room windows, flooding the apartment with a warm glow (I should have taken a photo of that, damn).
      2. The first thing I did this morning was to run to said windows and open them, in order to inhale the clear morning air and talk to the sheep across from us. I adore them and finally came up with names for the two little lambs today: Pedrito Camilo and Bubble. (Yes, I’m that crazy – but mostly only in the presence of my love. Though I’m working on showing my real face more often :P)
      3. Then we went shopping and returned with four heavy bags of grocery (the way back up the hill almost killed my love) – healthy food for the next few days when my German blogger friend Karina visits us. <3
      4. Talking about food, the meals today were delicious. Lunch consisted of amazing hummus made by my dear friend Milli, bell pepper and my favourite bread. And for dinner, Robin, my love and I made mashed potatoes. Way too much, I haven’t moved from the couch since then, but luscious and creamy. You have to make it with a food processor once, the result is amazing (if your food processor can take it)!
      5. After lunch I abstained from napping; instead, my love and I went to the forest. I wanted to stroll around with him, taking photos of him and my environment. Well, we lost each other after ten minutes. I’ll never say “you can go ahead” again. While I spent the next hour wandering around taking photos he was frantically looking for me – it was his first time up there. Oops. He didn’t have his phone with him and had no idea how to get back. Luckily we found each other before it got dark and managed to take my self-portrait in time, too. All’s well that ends well.
      6. I’ve been constantly listening to Sia’s songs since yesterday and I love her!! Can’t stop dancing and singing, she’s giving me an endless amount of energy. Coffee and naps are overrated, Sia is the real thing.
      7. It’s finally started to snow this evening and I hope everything will be white tomorrow :))
self-portrait, taken with the help of my love. 128/365

Maybe it sounds like a normal, boring day to you. But these simple things fill me with so much joy. I’ve had exciting times in foreign countries. They are amazing and enriching, but what’s better than being happy with your everyday life as well?















Photographers always joke about everyone walking around taking photos of flowers after buying their first camera. I was no exception, that’s how I got into photography two years ago. Then I focused on portraits, took some photos while traveling – but totally neglected strolling around and taking photos of little details in nature.

So you could say that I’m taking a step back with these forest photos, but I don’t care. I’m by no means satisfied with today’s result, but there’s no shame is sharing the journey, right? I want to learn how to capture the essence of the forest, hopefully I’ll get better gradually :)

Do let me know what you think! I’d love to hear your opinion and am open for constructive criticism :) Have a wonderful week, my loves! x


    1. Hey Moni, dein Tag klingt echt schön, tolle Fotos (die mit den Wiesen Ästen finde ich besonders hübsch). Bei uns hat es auch die ganze Zeit geschneit, heute morgen war alles weiß, soooo wunderschön *_____* Und mit deiner Meinung zu Sia stimme ich total überein. Sie ist klasse und ich liebe ihre Musik. Frohes neues Jahr <3

      1. Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar, Mara! :) Auch dir frohes neues Jahr <3 Bei uns hat's letzte Nacht auch geschneit und alles ist weiss, aber ich bin zu müde um nochmal in den Wald zu gehen :D morgen dann. Wünsche dir noch eine wunderschöne Winterwoche! <3

    1. Your pictures are so stunning! I am in awe of each one of them that I saw in this post today; they’re already igniting an inspiration for my writing. :) You are creator. xx

      1. Also may I keep these forest photos for reference? Don’t worry I won’t be using them for my blog or commercial purposes.

      1. Thank you so much, Kata! :) Of course you can keep the photos, I’m glad they inspire you! Have a wonderful day and take care :) x

      1. Daw, thank you <3 Let me know when you know more about your travel plans this spring! :))

    1. I find out your blog and I really love it, your photos are beautiful. You’re really talented :)

    1. I just discovered your blog and really like your work. This post mixes your thoughts and images so beautifully. I like the idea of listing the reasons for a day being a good one. The simple things in life, like beautiful morning light flooding a room can be so powerfully positive.

      1. Thank you very much, Rich! Your kind words made me really happy. I hope you’re doing well, take care and have a lovely weekend :)

    1. I love the pictures, and often take to nature to decompress. Your imagery coupled with the narrative is lovely, and paints the picture (pardon the cliche) before seeing it. For the pictures with the blurry background, I was curious what your aperature was set to.

      1. Thank you so much for your kind words :) the aperture of the photos with the blurry background was set between f1.4 and f2.8, depending on the photo. I used a 35mm lens on a full frame camera :) have a lovely day! x

    1. Lovely pictures. I love the forest in the northern hemisphere. (And in the south too but it is very different)
      You might want to listen to this John Denver song: Annie’s song:

      1. thank you! :) I have a Canon 5D Mark II and used the 35mm f1.4 lens here. what do you use? :)

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